Bold Self | Chiara Mazzucco

“Chiara is seriously a badass mother of confidence, and had confidence in me even when I didn’t have it in myself. I felt safe to be honest with her and myself and received amazing coaching because of it. I have grown so much because of her.” – Lucy C.


“Working with her was the best decision I ever made. She helped me dig down deep, face my fears, and find my inner badass. I can’t thank her enough for the tools she equipped me with and the self confidence she helped me find.” – Lindsay G.


“Chiara can get right inside your head and completely bring to life all of the dreams and aspirations you’ve longed for, but never knew how to go about doing or saying. It really is beyond magical and extraordinary.” – Nicole P.


I help people believe in themselves and build the lives of their dreams. I’m an author, an entrepreneur, and a coach, and my soul is set on fire by contributing to a more empowered world.

Bold Self helps women take ownership of their lives by empowering them to follow their dreams, be in healthy, nourishing relationships, and love themselves with the unshakeable confidence they deserve.

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