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How to Step Into Your Power

What if I told you there are things you’re meant to do. That there is a magic you’re meant to create. That there are people you are meant to help. What if I showed you that you have no idea what you’re actually capable of?

Would you believe me?

There is a power you have a choice to step into, and there’s a chance you don’t even know it’s there. A light you are meant to see. A way you are meant to feel. A service you are meant to gift others. There’s an ultimate version of yourself that exists – empowered, knowledgeable, and at peace. A version who thrives, who’s courageous, and is un-fucking-stoppable. A version whose mere existence brings other people strength, and joy, and comfort.

Sounds crazy. Right? Sounds almost impossible. Or too good to be true. Or for everyone else who isn’t you.

Because, you see, the ‘now‘ you’re living is so far from this ultimate version that you think, What power? I have a power?

But you do.

And that power has two sources

See, I believe there are two vital sources to one’s power.

The first source is your potential. What are you capable of? How far can you go? How big can you grow? What magic can you create? What can you build? How deeply can you reach into everything you could one day be and how fiercely can you become it?

Really reflect on that, because if you do it right – if you really meditate on this – you realize, there are no limits. You realize that when you think you know the answer, the power really lies in your ability to stretch it.

Your power, your potential, is fucking infinite.

The tools are there, the mentors are there, the opportunities are there. Educate yourself. Push yourself. Challenge yourself. Step out of your comfort zone every single day – stretch it – grow a little with every step and keep fucking going. Keep stretching. Keep growing.

And remember that roofs are made. Ceilings are built. Restrictions are constructed. When you step outside and look up, your existence is fucking infinite.

And then there’s the other source of your power.

Your power to help. To influence. To teach. To guide. The power to affect people’s lives with your mere existence. How fucking powerful is that?

Yes, you can be a motivational speaker and inspire hundreds of people at once. You can coach sports and teach people to play. You can be in a position of power in your company or the lead singer of a band or a math teacher, a minister, or a yoga instructor. Yes, you can literally be in a space to help others.

But you don’t have to be. It doesn’t have to be your career for you to have an impact.

The other source of power is about this human experience. It’s about who we are as friends, lovers, neighbors, mothers and fathers. It’s about the effects we have by merely existing in people’s lives, or the role we play when just crossing paths with a stranger.

When we give our best friends advice on a broken heart. Or when we teach our children to be kind and compassionate. The power we have to give our lovers space to be themselves. Or perhaps safety to help them heal. It’s about the power in our every day lives. Human to human experience. Sharing love, support, and understanding for anyone who is suffering.

Our power. YOUR power is not only the magic you create yourself, but the magic you inspire others to create. Every compliment. Every bit of reassurance. Every time you cheer someone on for doing something they love. That is power.

So, my friends, this is why I tell you to step into your power.

Because you are fucking capable of so much. You are capable of achieving not only everything you’ve ever dreamed of, but you’re capable of achieving things you’ve never even imagined were possible. You know why? Because the moment you break that ceiling and step outside into the limitless existence that is YOU is the moment you allow yourself to fully be. That is the moment you step into your power.

And your power? Your power is a gift. Your power to be a compassionate, encouraging, and loving soul, and inspiring that power, in turn, to blossom in others?

That’s fucking magic. 

So don’t deprive the world of that magic. Don’t deprive it of your power.

Because we fucking need it.

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