What will we cover?

A podcast designed to teach, inspire, and most importantly, empower you to live an awesome life.

We’re going to learn to be courageous in our pursuit of happiness; to increase our confidence and be fearless in the face of what scares us; to demand healthy, nourishing relationships. We’re going to dig deep and build our self-esteem from the ground up; and we’re going to learn to shape our environments so we can grow, evolve, and blossom.

I will cover topics like overcoming fear, redefining happiness, and the creation of our ideal lives. I will be hosting guests from all over – all brilliant and inspiring thought leaders – who will leave you with gems to apply to your own life.

Each episode will feed your well-being and inspire you to be proactive in the pursuit of your own happiness. This show will empower you and help you recognize exactly how powerful of a role you play in how your life turns out.

If you have show requests, you’re interested in being featured, or know someone who would be a great fit for the show, please get in touch! 

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