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SELF STUDY: These awesome, super inspiring, classes include lessons, workbooks, videos, and audio recordings all carefully crafted to give you a kick-ass, empowering experience.

FOR YOU IF: You’ve got a crazy schedule and need to manage your time, you prefer to go at your own pace, or can’t quite fit anything bigger into your budget right now. And that’s okay because these classes are jam-packed with awesome content. 

Revamp Bootcamp (Spring Class Opens April 2017)

Feel Awesome Masterclass


Yessss! Bold Tribe Groups are my monthly group coaching programs. This is where the magic happens, baby. Awesome if you enjoy learning in group environments and are looking for a supportive network to hold you accountable. Plus, I get to be there for you and help you through it all. Sessions include topic discussion, hot seat coaching, exercises, and group Q&A.

This is for you if you struggle with confidence and self-worth, and feel like it’s keeping you from moving forward in your life, career, and romantic relationships. This group program is all about self-love, courage, and feeling empowered to live an awesome life.

2 calls/mo (60 - 90 mins)

Session assignments

BONUS: Access to Feel Awesome Masterclass

BONUS: 30 Day Feelin' Awesome Boost Kit

Going through a rough breakup? Having trouble detaching from a toxic relationship? Still heartbroken from something in your past? This group is for anyone needing to find themselves and move on, and into the next chapter of their life.

2 calls/mo (60 - 90 mins)

Session assignments

BONUS: Access to Feel Awesome Masterclass

BONUS: Free copy of my book, The 9 Mirages of Love: How to Stop Chasing What Doesn't Exist

A VIP DAY INTENSIVE: A super transformational intensive where I coach you through my 7 Steps to Reinvention program (Revamp Bootcamp). This is for you if you want really deep impact to fast-track your results. This day is all about you.

5 x (60 mins) calls

Detailed Agenda Packet for our VIP day together

Recordings for each session

Momentum Action plan for after our VIp day

2 Weeks of unlimited email support

Discounted Private 1:1 Coaching

BONUS: Access to all online courses


3 months of 1-on-1 coaching program personally tailored to you and your goals. This is the deepest level of support I offer. I am with you every step of the way. By application only. Very limited spaces.


“After giving myself over to the advice and teachings of Chiara, after deciding to forgive – though, not forget – the problems and people of the past, and to take over responsibility for my own happiness and future, after deciding I wanted a kick ass life, I’ll tell you… I was a bit blown away. Almost instantly – we’re talking in less than a week – I saw ridiculously insane results. My new mindset had me waking each day knowing that it was going to be nothing but fucking incredible. I DECIDED that my life was great. This. Shit. Works.

– Scott F., WI –  Private Coaching

“I think my biggest fear about signing up for Revamp Bootcamp would be that, one, it would be a a lot of money down the drain if I somehow didn’t click with the course and so on, and that maybe I wasn’t actually ready to take on all the things it would as of me. Neither of these are true as this course has already helped me to take initiative to making my life so much more than what I had originally thought possible. I found myself with an entirely new fear, one being, what if I never had taken time to invest in myself? This has made the difference. “

– Hilarie S., Student

“Chiara has been a beacon of light illuminating the path ahead as I journey through this dark tunnel filled with despair. Her course is helping me to face fears and negative patterns from my past and provide the tools and insight to emerge stronger on the other side. She is a coach that is kind and compassionate with just the right amount of “in your face” honesty to give you that gut check needed to get yourself back on track. She empowers everyone by allowing each person to be heard, and during our one-on-one sessions I feel that she really listens to my issues and responds from the heart, not a script. Chiara has been a true lifesaver and I look forward to the remaining weeks in this course.”

– Jonathan H., Student and Private Coaching

“I took Revamp Bootcamp because my life was filled with pressure at work and I needed some structure. Taking this course was a great decision. I wanted to make a change but I was scared to have to confront things about myself that I knew to be true but have gotten away with for so long. Getting away with the character flaws I had to face in this course made it easy to settle for the life I have, not the life I want. This workshop helped me deal with those flaws in a positive way. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to make a change in their life cause it has already made a change in mine. “

– Morgan J, Student

“Being someone that suffers from both an anxiety and depression disorder, my biggest fear was diving head first into something unknowingly, especially going through this gigantic transition in my life called divorce. I didn’t know what life could be until I started Revamp Bootcamp. Yes, I had fears jumping into this course and putting myself out there for everyone to see, but I have been experiencing AH-HA moments left and right about the person I am and can be and it is fucking phenomenal.

The biggest thing that I have loved about this course is being able to be so completely raw and vulnerable without judgement. I have put myself out there to people in the past just to be left out to dry. I don’t have to worry about that here. Everyone in this course is facing a problem, whether it is similar or the polar opposite, and that is a widespread understanding and it is amazing. Not only can I be myself, but I can also sit and apply this course to my life and see the progress throughout the weeks!”

– Brittany W., Student

“It took a lot for me to ask for help. I was unhappy, I felt helpless and stuck and I had recently crawled out of a hole that I had dug myself into. I didn’t know what to do or how to help myself.

I was once told by a mentor that the hardest thing to do is just start. The lessons Chiara has put together (Revamp Bootcamp) and the personal coaching have shown me so much about myself and reminded me that I am more than give myself credit for. I went into this thinking the root of it all was that I felt worthless and stuck, but she helped me realize that I just wasn’t moving. I was stuck at a cross roads and which direction to take my life and was too scared to choose a path.

I was apprehensive about enrolling in this but I am so thankful that I did! I would definitely recommend it to any who are struggling in life. I believe this course can help you, whether you are in an unhappy marriage, have self- esteem/confidence issues, stuck in a place you aren’t happy, or just looking to improve yourself. Wanting to change yourself into something better is the first step, it may be the hardest thing to admit to yourself and others but it is so worth it!! Take that leap, and let yourself fly!”

– Cheyanne B., Student and Private Coaching