13 Reasons You’re Amazing

We spend so much time focusing on what we lack and how we can become better versions of ourselves that we often forget to pat ourselves of the back for everything we’ve overcome. While it’s true that we can’t always be rockstars, we do manage to overcome darkness when we fear it will swallow us whole, and it’s important to remember ourselves in those moments of triumph to strengthen us for future battles. Here are just a few reasons you’re amazing. Bookmark this post as a reminder, or share it with a friend to brighten up their day. 

13 Times You Rocked It

When shit got tough, you made it out

Seeing the light is hardest when you’re curled up in fetal position in absolute darkness. You see no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel, and absolutely no way you’re going to make it out of ‘this one’ alive. Well, guess what? You’ve been there before – perhaps facing a different hurdle – and you made it out. Scenarios change, but your strength and will to survive does not.

When someone hurt you, you moved on

You’ve known that gut wrenching feeling before and some way, some how, you were able to heal. When someone we love hurts us, it feels as if we lose pieces of ourselves each time the knife turns into the flesh of our backs. We feel like the pain will never end and that we’ll never find people who will treat us as we deserve.

Life is full of pain and not everyone has or will treat you like the gem that you are. But you’re here, you’re still standing, and I’m willing to bet that new, better people have come into your life to start replacing those missing pieces. You will heal, just like you’ve healed the last time.

You dance to the beat of your own drum

No matter how you live your life, there will be situations you do not fit into. We try to conform and to be well behave social animals, but at the end of the day there is always something deep within us that pulls us back to our true nature. Listening to that force and feeding what makes you unique is why you’re awesome, and you should never try to be anything but awesome. Listen to yourself; you know what you’re doing.

You made decisions for your own well being

To care for others is a beautiful thing. We do, however, tend to take it too far when we sacrifice ourselves in the process. To detach ourselves from our love of others is hard, but you deserve a pat on the back for every time you put yourself first when the alternative meant sacrificing your own well being. Ultimately, 5, 10, even 20 years from now, you will be left standing with the reflection you’ve built.

You #dgaf

There’s a way to behave and we often get consumed by our efforts to stay in line and follow someone else’s rules. But admit it, you’ve rebelled before and it’s felt incredible. By undoing the shackles around you, you’re able to breathe and clear your mind in ways you could never do otherwise. Sometimes you just need to learn to not give a damn and free your soul up to think about more important things.

You stand up for yourself

We learn early on that if we don’t stand up for ourselves, no one else will. To live in the shadows underneath the insults of someone else is a terrible fate for any of us. Every time you’ve ever spoken up and refused to be treated like a doormat deserves to be acknowledged. There are bullies out there for all of us and if we don’t learn to defend our worth, we leave the doors open for them to do so instead.

You defend others

You don’t have to be the leader of a revolution to defend others, you just have to listen to the little voice inside that tells you someone isn’t being treated right. Everything as seemingly insignificant as backing up a friend on social media, to more in-your-face things like defending a waitress to another abusive patron, you’ve done something, somewhere to help another human being. It’s not easy putting ourselves out on the line for the sake of someone else, but it sure as hell is beautiful.

When your girls need you, you’re there in a flash

The older we get, the harder it is to find great friends. The friendships you have now should be treated and cherished as the friendships you had when you were a kid. Having your girls’ backs when there’s a shit storm is one of the most important things you could do for them, because it’s what you’ll need them to do when your life hits its bumps. That’s what it means to be friends, at any age, and every time you’ve dropped everything to be there for someone you love is a reminder that you are, in fact, an incredible person and deserve the same in return.

You know the path back up from rock bottom by heart

There are 2 important things we should climb out of rock bottom with: the lessons learned and the map we used to get out alive. What this ultimately calls for is self-awareness. Regardless of how old you are, you’ve endured enough of life’s hurricanes to know how you react to chaos and what, exactly, you need in order to heal. We all heal differently. Some of us need isolation and mediation, while others only need time and the company of loved ones. By now, you should know which direction will get you out of the holes you’re thrown into. There’s a lot of beauty in self-awareness.

You can own up to your own mistakes and move on

This is by far one of the hardest things for us to do because we must literally go to war with our own ego. The challenge is not only winning the battle to admit our wrong doings, but also to be able to learn from our mistakes to not repeat them again. We don’t just tell ourselves that what we did was wrong, we also have to admit there’s a chance we’ll do it again. This is like a double back-handed slap to our egos, so for every time you’ve overcome and won, you deserve to be proud.

You can forgive

Second to owning our own mistakes is the ability to forgive others for theirs. Still, we deal with our egos and the false sense that says we never deserve to be harmed or treated poorly, therefore no one should be forgiven for such horrid crimes. But the realities of life say that others make mistakes, just like we do, and we have to do what we would hope others would do for us, which is forgive them and move on. Mastering the art of forgiveness paves a path for a lighter and easier life. 

You’re comfortable in your own skin, or you’re trying to be

This one’s hard, but what matters is that you’ve made an effort to make it happen. This is your skin and you’re going to be in for the rest of your life. Learning to love the body and soul that you’ve been given, even if it means devoting time to improving it, is the key to achieving happiness. Life surrounds us with so much to absorb, and the faster you accept yourself for who you are, the faster you can start enjoying everything life has to offer. Every effort that you’ve made to take a step closer to self-acceptance is a reason to be proud. The uphill climb to loving yourself is steep, but it’s the most important step you’ll ever take.

You know when to put on your big girl panties

There are times we would much rather curl up in our beds and wait for the storms to pass, but the reality is that we have to step up and put our big girl panties on instead. Life teaches us that running away won’t solve our problems, and that facing life for all its shades of gray is actually what molds us into our future selves. Learning to put our big girl panties on and embrace our most courageous side is an important part of growing up. We all have to do it sometime.

You were awesome then, you’ll be awesome now

Be responsible for your own pats on the back and acknowledge every time you’ve ever been awesome in your life. When you remind yourself that you’ve succeeded before and of what you’ve conquered, tackling new obstacles will be a much easier task.

You’ve got this, you’ve done this, and you’ve been great before. Chant this over and over again this year and show yourself what you’re capable of.




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