15 Things a Woman Can’t Live Without

A woman wears a thousand hats. To some she may be a mother, a lover, or a friend; to others, a colleague, a sister, or a daughter. A woman is someone different to everyone around her, catering to different needs and constantly needing to meet different sets of expectations. In each role, she is urged to act a different way; strong, loving, supportive, forgiving. Maybe assertive, nurturing, protective, or carefree. Being pulled in so many directions and responding to everyone else’s needs can be exhausting, and it can have one hell of an effect on a woman’s sense of identity. At what point does she stand still and look within?

Of course, this list could take on different forms, but this particular piece is a list for you to keep by your bedside as a reminder of the things that really matter. This is how you achieve your boldest self.

What a Woman Needs

1. Passion, Drive, Goals

It’s amazing how, no matter how much money she’s making, apart from some well deserved mini vacations, she’s still living paycheck to paycheck when she’s not doing what she loves. What a woman needs is to have a passion, set goals, and then, most importantly, have the drive to achieve them. The sense of self-fulfillment that flows through a woman’s veins when she has something else to live for is reason enough to get out of bed, even when nothing else makes sense. When boyfriends break your heart, bosses are pricks, the weather sucks, and your neighbors bang louder than great apes, there is something incredible about having control over your own life. Having goals is bigger than love, it’s about you and having the power and a sense of purpose. A woman needs a sense of purpose.

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2. Friendship and Genuine Laughter

If you’re lucky enough to have friends, don’t take them for granted. And I’m not talking about ‘friends’, I’m talking about real friends. The kind of friends who know you inside and out, who accept you, support you, and show up at your door with a movie and wine when you’re having a shit day. What a woman needs is the kind of friend they can laugh with, uncontrollably; who they can act silly with, and scream and sing out of cars with. Friends who will be there on the bright happy days, the dark days, and the days covered in absolute shit.

But really, never underestimate a friendship made of laughter. It will cure you. 

3. Confidence

Many factors play into a woman having confidence, but it doesn’t make it any less important or any less attainable. A woman needs to believe in herself because when life gets dark and no one else is around, she needs to be strong enough to pick herself up. It doesn’t matter how strong of a support system she has around her, no “You can do it!” will ever be loud enough if “I can’t do it” is even whispered. What a woman needs is to believe in herself, her abilities and her existence. Get it anywhere you can and watch your world get a little bit easier with a little more confidence on your side.

4. An ear {A self-less, objective perspective}

As much beauty, strength, and support your close family and friends can bring to the table, what a woman needs is to have an objective option available. Two reasons make this a non-negotiable:

1) You need someone who isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings and whose honest words won’t cut you quite as deep as they would if they were coming from someone closer to you and 2) Whether you realize it or not, it can be a lot easier being honest to a stranger. So for the sake of honesty, get a second opinion on whatever you’re going through in life.

5. Family

We mostly can’t wait to get away from holidays, family dinners, and catch-me-on-my-way-out-how-have-you-been phone calls. But a woman needs her family. Family doesn’t define you, they’re a part of you. A woman needs the unconditional love that reminds them of everything they were where they were young – whether that consoles them in a time of need or challenges them to push harder when making changes in their life. Family is home base, and what a woman needs is to be able to go home and shut out the rest of the world in the comfort of that home.

Family can also be redefined. It can be a group of people who, to your surprise, have proven to be a better family than a blood line ever could.

No matter where this family comes from, treasure it for the gem that it is.

choosefamily6. Social Interaction

This is something you’re probably shrugging off as a ridiculous ‘obvious’ to a list like this, but it still warrants a bit of support. What a woman needs is to be outside her head every now and then.

She needs to react instead of always having to act. Parts of her personality need to be challenged and questioned outside of her control. A woman needs social interaction. She needs to be taken by surprise and to meet random people, even just for a passing second. She needs to be able to shut off and become part of the masses, even for a moment.

7. Her Own Space

Whether she has roommates, lives with her boyfriend, or her entire family – what a woman needs is her space. She needs a place where she’s unattainable and completely out of reach from what society needs and expects of her. She needs an area in her home filled with her things and things that define her as individual. A place she can turn to when she needs to touch base with who she is, when she gets lost in the thousand hats she wears every day.

8. Her Own Path

A woman needs her own path alongside the drive to get there. She can’t follow her boyfriend’s path, her husband’s dreams, or her parent’s expectations. This is the purpose for which she gets out of bed in the morning; a journey only meant for her. A path to a dream career; to self discovery; a path to the best version of herself. What a woman needs is a road meant for her and only her – one not judged or compromised by others.

9. A Diary

The uncensored soul is the honest soul, and unfortunately, as much as she wants to deny it, there is no way for a woman to be completely uncensored – even when she’s just talking to herself. Fear, doubt and denial plague us and prohibit us from being completely honest. The closest we get to honesty is when we write for no one to read; when we write to purge, unwind and release. What a woman needs is a private place on which to unload without fear of being judged.  A place she can plan for the future without having to worry about others shooting her down.

10. Transformation Days

A woman needs to be allowed to question her identity and character, to improve herself, and to explore the many colors of her rainbow. This is not about a lack of self-acceptance, but rather, an appreciation for the flexibility and potential of our being. Exploring different aspects of ourselves is a wonderful way to find where we thrive. That, and sometimes all it takes is a haircut and a manicure to make you feel like a brand new you.



11. The world is shitting on me days

Rock bottom. Every woman should be able to hit it and climb back up. Women are entitled to bad days; days that lack inspiration, motivation, or a general sense of purpose. They’re entitled to drunk dials, mistakes, bad career moves, and days filled with side pony tails and smeared mascara. Women need those days because without them, they’d lack the drive, motivation and appreciation for all that life has to offer. This helps us with the realization that we’re not invincible, and that’s okay. It teaches us about the dark, so we can then recognize the light.

12. A Connection with Self – aka, Spirituality

A woman needs her intuition; and it’s that intuition that is the seed to the blossoming of a connection with one’s self. That gut feeling – that self-awareness. That thing that keeps you up at night, even if you have yet to explore any sort of meditation. It’s an untapped resource of strength where we come to reboot. A woman needs to be able to press pause and look within for a higher sense of purpose. This is how she is able to achieve all that leaves other in awe of her strength. This is the source of her power.

13. Energy

What a woman needs is the energy to be every thing, every where, at every moment. Health, diet, and fitness: three things that affect a woman’s confidence, mood, and overall drive. You don’t realize how important having energy is, especially when you’re masking it with sugar, caffeine, and/or alcohol, until you start taking note of the crash and the realization that these aids are only temporary. Take care of the temple that houses your amazing-ness and let it fuel you instead of stand in your way.

14. Music and Dancing

Don’t underestimate the power of your body responding to its surrounding rhythm. A woman needs to let go and leave her head. She needs to surrender and release all the things that keep her muscles tight and worried. She needs to do it, uncensored, and she needs to allow the music to extract the poisons that keep her rigid.

15. Adventure

Something that challenges a woman and pushes her out of her comfort zone; a woman needs adventure.  The thrill of doing something out of the norm and challenging herself to test her limits. What a woman needs is to be pushed into a situation she can prove herself worthy, while also being reminded to not take life so seriously.



A Life Lived

Whatever your list looks like – and definitely, don’t feel chained down by this one – it’s important that you have one. It’s important that you take a step back and prioritize your life based on the things you really need. Choose to need to be inspired. Push yourself toward adventure. Stand up and demand to be treated  better by those who claim to love you. Reclaim your identity.

And the first step in reclaiming your identity is taking a stand and making demands in defense of your needs.  Because life is fucking amazing, and it’s exciting, and it’s multidimensional. It’s hope, it’s freedom, and it’s adventure. It’s capable of being anything you want it to be.

Live your life fully.

Of course, this list is much, much longer, and will likely differ woman to woman. But I think, for the most part, making these 15 things priorities in your life will help reshape it into something special.

What about you? Have anything you can’t live without?


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