5 Step New Vibe Morning Routine For Discipline, Motivation, and to Get You Going

There is nothing more motivating than suddenly realizing it’s time to get your shit together.

Whether you’re entering a new era, are wanting to finally hit your goals, or are looking to take your business to the next level, the best thing you can do for yourself is to set yourself up for success.

Committing to a consistent morning routine that nourishes mind, body, and spirit will help you move through the day with more clarity, confidence, and the ability to achieve much more, in much less time.

It’s taken me YEARS to refine a routine that I love and brings out the best in me, and though I haven’t always been consistent with it, I have found myself coming back to it to reconnect with myself, my discipline, and my goalsSo, whether you follow this routine or take elements of it to make your own, I hope you find something in this article to help you step into an even greater version of you.

My Daily Morning Routine for Discipline, Motivation, and Ultimate Success

1. Breathwork (10-15 min)

Why I love it: Starting my morning off with Breathwork helps set me up for a more emotionally regulated day. It allows me to wake my system up and helps connect me to my body through breath. I notice I have more energy, my mood stays much more positive throughout the day, and I’m much less stressed.

Give it a try: Breathwork can be a little intense the first time you try it, so I recommend you start with something easy and guided and listen to your body as you go. Here are a couple of sessions I like to alternate between – they’re short and easy to follow.

Guided Wim Hof Session and 10 Min Breathwork Session Key to Happiness

2. Meditation and Visualization (15 min)

Why I love Meditation: No matter what is going on in my life, meditation centers me and makes me feel connected – not just with myself, but with a much bigger plan. I find it much easier to move through my day tapped into a connection with something greater. I’m much calmer, more trusting, and much more open to unexpected, magical experiences.

Why I love Visualization: It creates an emotional experiences in my body that helps accelerate manifestation. The more I feel something like I am experiencing it in real time, the stronger I emit that frequency, and then the faster, I find, the Law of Attraction works.

Give it a try: You can do this on your own or follow a guided meditation to help keep you focused. I am working on a brand new meditation pack focused on alignment, manifestation, and the power of your magnetism, but I also like this one by Joe Dispenza.

3. Hot Girl Walk with Educational/ Self-Improvement Audio

Why I love it: Walking helps me clear my head and bring life to my body, not to mention it helps keep me fit and has always been my favorite way to explore new cities when I travel. It was hard to carve out the time for it when I started (especially because I like to aim for 15,000 steps/ day), but once I built the habit, I found myself looking forward to it every day.

Give it a try: Aim for a minimum of 10,000 steps, but if you have to split it up, do half in the morning and half in the afternoon/evening. I like to alternate between 3 different kinds of experiences: podcasts, audio books, and apps like Headway for book summaries.

4. Workout and Dance

Why I love it: It goes without saying that keeping our bodies strong and healthy should be top priority, but I found adding dance to my routine made movement much more enjoyable. If I’m traveling and not going to the gym or being active with friends, I like to do a 20-45 min mat pilates session. If, on the other hand, I have other workouts planned for the day like trying a new sport or hiking with a friend, I will use this time to stretch and connect with my body. But the dance… the dance is the part that always makes me feel gratitude for my body and its ability to carry me through the day.

Give it a try: Depending on your fitness level, this part of the routine can range from a full mat pilates workout to an easy stretch session. Whether you do a full workout or only stretch and dance, focus your time on movement and appreciation for the health of your body. Pick at least one song that gets you vibing high and dance, releasing tension in your hips and letting go of anything you feel your body is holding on to.

5. Journal and Prep For Day

Why I love it: I will admit that this is my favorite part of my morning routine. After Breathwork, meditation, learning, and moving my energy, I find my mind moves with clarity and speed and I jot down any and all breakthroughs, intentions, and commitments as I get my day started. This keeps me really intentional throughout my day, clears my mind of anything heavy, and allows me to focus on how I want my day to go. Once I’m done journaling, I’ll usually write out my to do list for the day.

Give it a Try: Grab a pen and paper and go – there are no rules. Begin my jotting down how you’re doing, the progress you’re making on your goals, and what you’re grateful for today. Then move into how you’d like your day to go – what you’d like to feel/ experience, things you want to make sure you do, and what would make today feel great.

(I’m working on some really great journal prompts to get you started. They’ll be available soon)

Honorable Mentions:

Although I thrive in a structured routine and I try to keep it simple and intentional, I also appreciate some flexibility in my mornings, especially when I’m living an important experience, like a big life change, or traveling the world on my adventures.

  • Tarot and Oracle Pull: I carry my decks with me on my travels, and should I feel the pull to connect to my guides, I’ll carve out some time during my journaling session.
  • Reading: If the mood fits, like a weekend or a beach getaway, or if I’m particularly taken by a book, I will add it to my morning. I love reading physical books and though I tend to read them at night before bed, I’ll often sneak a few pages while I drink my coffee (black).
  • Extended Meditation: If I’m in a particularly spiritual phase of my life, I will either extend my meditation in my morning routine to an hour+ or, I’ll do another session in the afternoon or evening.

Tips to be Consistent

The goal is to find your rhythm and find a routine that makes you feel great. But we’re human and life happens, so the goal is also to do the best you can and try to improve as you go.

Here are some things I have found have helped me along the way.

  • Start early – I find the earlier I start my routine, the less I feel rushed, and the more I look forward to the time to myself. I try to wake up between 5 and 530. There’s nothing like finishing up 7/8am and being set for the day.
  • Track Your Progress – I noticed a huge shift in my consistency when I started using habit tracking apps on my phone and taking pictures of my body changing.
  • Change up small things if you get bored – Switch up the order, try walking somewhere new, listen to a new podcast, or journal in a cafe with a view instead of your usual kitchen table.
  • Set up rewards – Nothing keeps us as focused as knowing there’s a reward on the other side of our hard work. Once you’ve build the habit of your routine, you’ll find yourself craving it in the morning. Until then, try setting up milestones – for example, 7 days straight – and treat yourself to something great if you’re able to reach it.
  • Hold yourself accountable – Whether it’s checking in with your partner over morning coffee, doing your hot girl walk with your bestie every day, or telling all of social media you’ve done the thing, holding yourself accountable by involving other people will help you stay on track as the routine becomes a habit.

I hope you found this article valuable. What should I write next?

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