How to Break Free From the Fear Loop From Hell

I’m going to challenge you to draw a line in the sand today, sister. It’s time to stop hiding in fear.

Fear is keeping you from the very things that your dreams are made of. It’s keeping you from taking glorious, magnificent leaps into the things that most excite you and make life worth living.

I want to talk about what happens that keeps you from doing all the things that light your soul on fire, and make life an exciting adventure. The loop that keeps you stuck in a life that you know you’ve grown out of, but you’re too afraid to leap away from.

Because something inside of you is pushing you toward leveling up your life – be it romantically, professionally, or financially.  Something is saying, there’s gotta be something more. 

If you can recognize the fear loop, you can hack the process, reframe it, and take real ownership of your life.

And wouldn’t that be something? To make life delicious, exciting, and all your own?

So, what happens when you’re presented with the opportunity to do something BIG?

First, your soul lights up and has an immediate response. It screams in glee because #goals!

Yes, I want to take that job. Yes, I want to be with this amazing, loving, exciting person. Yes, I would love to speak on stage about this thing that changed my life in front of a group of 1000 people whose lives could be changed by it too. 

That is your soul response. It’s in complete alignment with your truth, whether that truth be your mission in this life, your craving to explore a connection with someone special, or something as simply put as your BIGNESS on this planet and your potential for leadership.

Then, your head jumps in and immediately – and protectively, with the best intentions – tries to make sense of this immediate response. Hey, calm down, let’s think this through. If you take this leap to start your business, what’s at stake? If you go all in to this new relationship, what are the chances you’ll come off crazy or get hurt? If you stand on stage in front of 1000 people, what will they all think?

Finally, with the intention to mediate and compromise, your heart comes in to save the day, but it ends up getting stuck in this vicious loop because tbh, both sides make sense. 

Your visions for your future are so true and feel so real, but seemingly, so is the logic behind the analysis and all the judgement around it. It all makes sense. 

So you start to rationalize the fear.

When your mind starts buzzing with what if’s, it’s doing it with the best of intentions. It wants to protect you from making mistakes and feeling pain that could have otherwise been avoided so you don’t look back in regret and think, If only I had thought things through.

And, up to that point, it does its job.
*Because sometimes the head saves us from doing something stupid. 

But since we only have a handful of real answers to the skepticism posed by the mind, we keep digging deeper, like we’re never satisfied with the conclusions. The rational questions quickly turn irrational, and we fall into the pit of over analysis and paralyzing fear where there’s no telling the two apart.

That’s how we get stuck in the loop.

Think about it.

If there was no loop, you’d have a pull toward something, your mind would rationalize the fear, and you’d give up and move to something else.

But instead, there’s this deeper knowing that won’t let you give up. It’s the thing that keeps you up at night. That nagging feeling you get when you’re alone in thought.

There is something that is your truth that is calling you to it. This is something you really want. 

Quiet Down the Mind and Give in to your soul’s calling (and give your heart a well deserved rest)

First, let the mind do its job because resistance will only make the experience more intense. Let it process everything, honor its ability to analyze and ask the deep, penetrating questions.

And as soon as you feel your heart start to pump with intensity, resistance, and confusion, take a deep breath.

Tune into your intuition. What is it telling you?

What will make you feel most free? What is your truth? What will make all the pieces floating around you in absolute chaos drop into alignment.

What is your peace? 

There’s clearly something you want to do that’s coming from a sacred place within you, and that needs to be honored too.

Acknowledge the fears and thank your mind for the thought-provoking questions and for so lovingly wanting to keep you safe.

But it’s time to give your heart a well deserved rest.

The natural flow of the heart is to feel, not to problem solve or make compromises. It wants to experience adventure, fall in love, and feel true happiness and peace. It wants to dance, to create, and exist in bliss with all that life has to offer.

So let it.

Let your intuition step into the loop and give everything else a rest. Listen to what your soul is calling for and trust its guidance and its reflection of your personal path in this world.

You deserve to lean in and be lit up.


Got it!
X myStickymenu