Here’s the Brutal Truth You Need to Hear About That One Thing You Really Want to Do

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How much of your day do you spend on your day-to-day obligations? Most of us have some sort of job to bring in money to pay the bills. Some of us have kids we have to tend to, raise, check in on.

We have partners and relationships we have to show up to and nourish. A lot of us have to tend to the house, run errands… do things.

We have to do all the things on our list for the day. Some of us work so hard and such long hours, that just having a day job takes up most of it.

And still, in spite of all the day-to-day to ‘stuff’ we do, we manage to dream.

We let our imagination fly and we think about a dream career and what it would mean to have financial freedom. We dream about a healthier body – stronger, leaner, more energy. We dream about traveling and doing things for ourselves. We dream about what we know others have achieved, yet seem so impossible for us.

So as we go through our day-to-day ‘stuff’, the dreaming is still fully in effect.

But here’s my question for you: If others are living the life you so desperately want, why is it impossible for you?



If your dreams are the same and the kind of circumstances and challenges are the same, and the mental roadblocks are the same (because guess what? we’re all human) — why are your chances of success not the same?

What is the one thing that makes you different than the person who is now where you someday want to be, but was one day where you are right now?

Because I’ll tell you something, we all have this illusion that the other guy had it easier and he didn’t have x,y, and z to deal with when he set forth on his path, and things are different for you because…

But you and I both know that’s bullshit.

No one has it easy and we are all tried in different ways, especially when pursuing our dreams. Especially when we are asked to make sacrifices. Especially when the climb is so steep that the majority of people don’t even fucking try.

So what, then, is the only real difference between you and the other guy?

Action. That’s it.

That guy who “made it” and is living your dreams got there by action. By doing the work. By not giving up. By investing time, money, and energy in the things he needed to get to the top.

He had the same exact dream, the same passion, the same calling, but he actually did something about it. He didn’t leave room for the end of the day to just sit and dream about how wonderful life would be if only he could be that thing he wanted to be or do that thing he wanted to do.

After he got done with all his day-to-day obligations, he got to work. He did the research. He mapped out his way up. He moved.


Whenever I’m working with one of my students and they say something like, “I know I want this so bad but…” It is followed by a million and one variations of the same thing. Some sort of reasoning or justification for inaction.

But the brutal truth in my response is as brutal as it is simple. Ready?

What happens if you choose not to?

What happens when you let your dreams swell up in a cage without ever letting them run free? Knowing this is your one shot at life, what happens if you choose to not fucking go for it?

What happens if you choose not to reinvent yourself into the person you know you were always meant to become? What happens if you choose not to craft and take action toward creating your perfect life?


That is the brutal truth. Nothing happens.

Everything remains the same.

You remain the same. Your day remains the same. Your dreams remain the same. Your misery and unfulfilled potential remain the same.
Nothing fucking changes.

So what do you need?

When I tell you that the only thing standing between you and making your dreams come true and doing that thing you really want to do is action, what choice will you make?

Will you choose to act or will you choose for everything to stay exactly as it is right now?

What do you need?

A blueprint? A roadmap? A guide? Yes, here, I have one for you.



But you have to actually USE it.

You have to read all of this and say, out loud, FUCK YES. I want this. I’m ready. This is everything I’ve been needing to hear to fuel me and inspire me and now I know I CAN do this because THAT

GUY did it and I have one life to live and fuck this, I’m going to make it a fucking spectacular one.

Act, you wonderful human, the world needs you to be THAT GUY to inspire someone else.

And if this post made your insides scream and your heart dance and your mind buzz with all the potential for your life, email me with the word “Yes” and let’s set up a free Awaken the Rebel Strategy Session. 


Got it!
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