Dare to Just Be: Why We Crave the Wild Spirits

Have you ever met a stranger in passing – perhaps as random as a chance meeting at a bar – whose magnetic wild heart just drew you in? Maybe you caught yourself observing, in absolute awe, at how free of a spirit he or she was, wondering how they ever got that way and if it would ever be possible for you to be that way too.

You listen to their stories and dissect their facial expressions, trying to absorb any trace of emotion that could make their experiences feel more real to you, as if to experience them yourself. You try to imagine what it felt like for them to live on a beach, or to have three lovers at once; or what it felt like for them to quit their job and sell everything they own, just to move across the world and start over in a small town in Brazil, embarking on a polyamorous relationship with the girl they met at the coffee shop.

You wonder, how?

It’s as if a shift happens inside of you – like time stands still. You suddenly feel the cage around your life tighten and the animal inside you roar.

Because there’s a magic to a spirit that’s free. A magnetism. A life experience untouched by anything familiar to our mundane lives. These people, you think, are the people who dance in the moonlight. The people who wear what they want, love who they crave, and enjoy every passing moment in their lives, licking their lips in deep satisfaction for each delectable experience.

And somehow, you just can’t help but be drawn to their magic

What we’re really being pulled to

…has little to do with the experiences themselves.

Although stories of passionate lovers, breathtaking adventures, and risk-it-all leaps of faith are always captivating, our pull goes much, much deeper.

What we find so fascinating about these wild spirits are actually the qualities we wish we had. And really, it all boils down to one consistent truth:

We admire their courage.

The courage to give up every inch of security to dive into the unknown. The courage to be honest about what we truly desire, not giving a single fuck what it means to the status quo. The courage to step outside one’s comfort zone and trust in the richness of life, in the kindness of strangers, in the magic of chance.

It’s courage to meet and greet the wild spirit within and let it live in its true nature, unaffected by fear or rules.

We admire the wild spirit because the wild spirit dares to be bold and dares to simply exist.

It doesn’t make excuses. It doesn’t attempt to rationalize fear. It doesn’t build a box around itself justifying complacency.


The wild spirit just, is.

And when we meet someone like that, we’re often drawn to them as we would be to a rare gem. We’re drawn to the beauty and to the uniqueness of its existence. We’re envious of its value.

Because when we think about a wild spirit, we think it takes a special kind of person to be one.

But the truth is that there’s a wild spirit inside all of us, and it’s that wild spirit that is being pulled toward these passing strangers. It’s not on the outside looking in; it is simply looking at its own reflection, begging to be let out.

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We crave to just be. We crave to be our purest form and our most honest selves. We see others can do it and that they’re able to live in their truth, and we try to get closer to see if we can get a better look at how it’s done. And that’s when we become enveloped in their existence.

The secret lies in turning inward to greet that wild spirit and in having an honest conversation with it.

Ask yourself what you truly want to do with this one life, full of potential? Who do you want to be? What do you want to evolve into?

And if you’re lucky enough to meet a free spirit, focus on absorbing their strength.

Focus on absorbing their courage.

Watch them dare to just be and allow yourself to do the same.

And of course, it’s true, not all of us can sell everything we own to move across the world and live on a beach. Not all of us can risk it all for the chance to be with a stranger we fell in love with at a bus stop, or to pursue our passion in a completely different country. Not all of us can wake up and suddenly be free of all our shackles and fears.

Or can we?



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