Episode 079 – The Relaunch Episode – A Love Letter

The Relaunch

In this episode of The Bold Standard, Chiara gets real about where the eff she’s been, explains why she stopped recording, and shares the inside story of the biggest wake up call she’s ever had. 
Admitting how she was just about ready to burn it all to the ground and declare bankruptcy. Then after facing off with herself in the mirror. And yesterday’s eyeliner looking back at her. She remembered. Why she started it all to begin with. And the philosophy behind The Bold Self brand.


So she set fire in another way. And went Burning Man.

Tune in to hear truth bomb after truth bomb as Chiara goes deep into the shadows of entrepreneurship. And how being on this path means being in a constant journey of reincarnation. Rebirthing our business, our brand, and most importantly. Ourselves. Over and over and over again. And reminding us. That misplacing our why happens to even the best of us.

In this episode we’re getting into:

How trying to sell something when you’re out of alignment never works out
+ What to do when you’re not feeling lit up about the work you’re doing
+ The necessity of slowing down in order to speed up
+ And the bigness’ of Bold Self

What’s coming up:

Bold Leap Academy (aka BLA) opens for enrollment in January  (Get alllll the deets HERE)
Bold Leap Live – Nashville March 27 – 29 (Get tickets HERE)

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