Episode 080 – Using Human Design in Your Biz (Plus Real Sh*T) with Paige Michelle

Using Human Design In Your Business – With Paige Michelle

This episode is going to blow. Your. Mind. Paige Michelle is a Human Design specialist and advocate for women and mothers. For real. This conversation goes super deep. Not only do we dive into all things Human Design and how to best utilize our unique genetic blueprint for our business. But we get real about co-parenting with ex husbands. And being committed (regardless of how scary it feels) to give our kids what they ‘actually’ need vs. what society tells us they need.

“Human Design helps you see people for who they are. Not who you want them to be.” – Paige Michelle


In this episode we’re getting into:

+ Making more money with Human Design
+ The Human Design type that can most easily masterbate their way to success
+ The secret behind the Kardashian empire that might just blow your mind
+ How funnels and sales ads are meaningless unless we’re doing the spiritual work too
+ Leveraging Human Design to create the best relationship with your kid. And your ex.

Learn all about the 5 Human Design Types and how to figure out which you are HERE

What’s coming up:

Bold Leap Academy (aka BLA) opens for enrollment in January  (Get alllll the deets HERE)
Bold Leap Live – Nashville March 27 – 29 (Get tickets HERE)

Connect with Paige:

WEBSITE | thepaigemichelle.com
INSTAGRAM | @paigefilliater 
FACEBOOK | @paigefilliater

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