Episode 082 – Real Talk: Expansion Through Self-Expression and Body Image with Cara Cifelli

Real Talk: Expansion Through Self-Expression and Body Image with Cara Cifelli

This week Chiara chats with former BLA student and health coach Cara Cifelli about all things food, body, and soul. Cara opens up about her own disordered eating history, sharing how she went on her first diet at fourteen. And spent a decade living in the cycle of fear, bulimia, and binge eating.  On the outside Cara looked like she had it all. Living the fashion dream of flying to Paris and New York and sitting five rows from Anna Wintour. But, in her own words, ‘behind the scenes I was a disaster.’ Because of her obsession with models and being thin, Cara knew she had to leave the world of runways in order to get better.  Today Cara helps women feel confident in their bodies by bringing peace and fun to food. Cara’s story of entrepreneurship invites us all to remember that it’s safe to change our mind. And that our soul is always guiding us through the path of least resistance.

In this episode we’re getting into:

+ Working less and chiling the fuck out + Permission to charge more + Being who you really are online + Making a career off of Instagram + Showing your silly side on social media + What to do when success loses its sparkle + The ease of working with Soul Aligned Clients
“You never really know what people are going through.” – Cara Cifelli

What’s coming up:

Bold Leap Academy (aka BLA) opens for enrollment in January  (Get alllll the deets HERE) Bold Leap Live – Nashville March 27 – 29 (Get tickets HERE)

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WEBSITE | caraskitchen.net INSTAGRAM | @caraskitchen PODCAST | Love Your Bod Pod

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