Episode 083 – New Rules For 2020 – Glow Up and Wealth Up

New Rules For 2020 – Glow Up and Wealth Up


In today’s solo show, Chiara shares her powerful ‘Life Auditing’ process which is essentially a beautiful recipe for breakthrough, reflection, and placing yourself into the perfect alignment for moving forward faster in each area of your life! Sound amazing right?

And since New Years is the perfect time to leverage this collective energy of intention setting, we are diving right on in. But don’t let that stop you from doing this process whenever you feel the desire for more clarity and alignment by bringing it into your monthly New Moon ritual, or doing a deeper dive each quarter.

In this episode we’re getting into:


+ Reflecting back on last years New Years resolutions
+ Love, relationships and romance
+ Being able to have it all despite going through a breakdown
+ Gratitude for the journey
+ Being forced into Alignment
+ Feeling beautiful from the inside out
+ Making life something to be excited about
+ Responsible leadership


A BOLD invitation to go deeper:

The Life Audit (2020 New Year Ritual)

Step 1 – Set The Space

So here’s what you’re going to do. Set yourself up with some beautiful ambience vibes. Dim the lights. Light some candles. Incense. Play some great music. Maybe move that beautiful body of yours a little bit. Feel her. Get into her. Get connected. And prepare yourself to have an intimate convo with soul.

Step 2 – Journal It Out

You’re going to look at the following 4 areas of your life:

Love (Romance & Relationships)
Life (Lifestyle & Friendships)
My Body (Health and Fitness and Style)
My Career (Wealth, Impact, Fame)

You’re going to feel into your year ahead, and get really deep and specific about each category. What do you really desire? Dump it all out of your brain and into your journal. 


– Me living my life in the way I envision and dream it = Books published. Being on a book tour. Seeing how excited my community is about the books.

– I have multiple income streams. And one of my favourite income streams is _____

* Be sure to write in future tense. * 

Step 3 – Refinement + Aligned Intentions

Next you can write out your list of your goals. Then extract 5 – 10 things that you really want to manifest or create this year. Then that becomes the map from which you map out your year.

Step 4 – Following Up In Your Daily Practice

Now that you have your map. You’ll write out your goals and intentions daily in your journal. Tuning into the vision is crucial. Really get into detail about what you look like. What you feel like when you’re making love. Or when you’re walking into a party. How your clothes feel against your body. How you feel in your body. All of it. Embody each and every detail.


Manifestation really drops into having the feeling of what it is you want.” – Chiara Mazzucco

The Rules For 2020:

Single: New Standard

You only go out with the people who excite you.
Who you are looking forward to spending time with.
Who actually interest, intrigue, and inspire you!
And you practice saying ‘No’ to the rest.
Clearly communicate what you want and what you do not want.
Date yourself.
And live your life.

Relationship: New Standard

You are communicating your needs and desires.
You are not shaming or hating or making your partner feel like shit for not being who you want them to be.
You’re having real conversations about if you’re the right fit for one another.
Calling ourselves and our partners forward.
Taking 100% ownership of our role in a relationship.
Be committed to making this the best relationship of your life.
And if not, go do something else.

Life: New Standard

Have the adventure
Have fun
Go explore
Go appreciate art
Be around incredible friends
Laugh more
Go for fine dining
Appreciate different cultures
Experience life as it’s meant to be experienced

In your Body: New Standard

The art of seduction and just existing.
Change your wardrobe for who you are now
Prioritize your style
Play with makeup
Get ready in the morning when you work for home

In Your Business: New Standard

Let go of the stories with our relationship around money.
Commit to changing those stories (The best way to change a story is to stop telling it!)
Stay focused on the money you want to bring in.
Lead by example on social media.
Own the impact and influence you want to have.
Take responsibility for your impact.
Embody the result you’re inviting your tribe into (Inviting them in with your magnetism of embodiment makes this happen that much faster!)
Show your audience the inside scoop of your business.
Hold yourself accountable.

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