Episode 084 – Your Zodiac + Success Strategy with Astrologer Raquel Reyes


Your Zodiac + Success Strategy with Astrologer Raquel Reyes


In today’s show Chiara chats with Raquel Reyes, an Astrologer for Entrepreneurs and High-Achievers who has guided hundreds of clients through Wealth Creation, Love, Business, Travel, Relationships, Mindset Shifts, Energetic Frequency Work, Healing & so much more!

In this episode we’re getting into:

+ The spike in interest of the esoteric and mysticism in today’s day in age

+ Astrology as a key that unlocks doors!
+ Compatibility way beyond the Sun sign
+ Alllllll the Capricorn Vibes
+ Having the ability to embody all 12 signs
+ How our satisfaction in life actually comes from our Moon Sign! (Not our Sun Sign)
+ The meaning behind our 3 main signs – aka Your Astro Signature


– Our energetic output
– The cord that plugs us in
– Tends to represent our aspirations and the light at the end of the tunnel
– Where we’re really comfortable


– Who we really are
– When we take off the mask
– Our very private and intimate selves
– Our feelings
– Represents our relationship with our mother
– And how we mother and nurture ourselves 


– Our social personality
– How other people perceive us
– The inner child energy
– Great place to create from because we feel really confident here!


“Astrology is about truth. It’s about finding our own truths. And finding our truths in the world.”
Raquel Reyes



Connect with Raquel:

WEBSITE | www.raqreyla.come.com
INSTAGRAM | @astrology.with.raquel
FACEBOOK | @paigefilliater


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