Episode 085 – How to Make a MAJOR Pivot in Your Life

Episode 085 


Does anyone else feel like this is the start of a brand new chapter? Even though I’m a tried and true Capricorn, and allll about those goals. Something about this year feels different. Something feels like there’s been a big major closing, and a brand new CRISP opening. To be honest, these last couple weeks have really guided me to not be so specific with my plans. Soul had been saying. ‘Be more open to the unknown Chiara. Make space for more adventure. And maybe. That’s actually how all that L-O-V-E you’ve been calling in can actually arrive.’

In this episode I’m getting into:


The Pro’s and Con’s of goal setting
+ Not making so many plans
+ Getting pumped on your pivot
+ The power of ‘not talking about your pivot’ to other people
+ The monsters that will mirror your doubt if you speak too soon
+ Reverse engineering your vision
+ The ‘It’s this or something better’ mantra to always keep in mind
+ Surrendering to the potential of knowing just that one next step
+ Giving ourselves permission to allow whatever wants to come through, to come through

Major Pivots You Might Be Processing:

+ Leaving a relationship
+ Leaving a career
+ Changing your business
+ Changing your niche
+ Changing what you do
+ Changing your service
+ Changing your looks

The 4 Steps To Your Pivot:

#1 – Answering the call.
#2 – Taking the space for yourself to drop in. And own this pivot.
#3 – Making a plan. And reverse engineering.
#4 – Let the old die.


A BOLD invitation to go deeper:


Journal it out: Is this a fear based pivot or a soul aligned pivot?


“You can avoid your calling all you want. But the reality is that you have 2 options. The knocking is going to get so loud that you finally have an outburst. Like I did. Or. Eventually the knocking will stop. And you’ll become miserable.”Chiara Mazzucco


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