Episode 086 – How to Find Epic Love and Become Truly Chosen with Theora Moench

Episode 86


In this week’s episode of The Bold Standard, I’m sitting down with dating and relationship expert and founder of Truly Chosen, Theora Moench. Theora is the creator of the Epic Love Club – an international community for women who have fully owned their desire to live and create epic love. And helps women entrepreneurs, executives, and public figures who want a relationship that is as extraordinary as the rest of their lives, find and attract the man who will look at them like they are total magic!

In this episode we’re getting into what really happens when you value your business above love, when waiting for love to find you is not the answer, and how to engineer your own epic love in a way that feels authentic, romantic and fun! Theora reminds us, that just like everything else. If we can imagine the epic love we desire. We can create it. If you’re callin in the L-O-V-E this year and ready to be Wooed & Pursued, you’re definitely not going to want to miss this one!


In this episode we’re getting into:

+ Learning to choose someone who’s going to be your spiritual growth, adventure partner
+ Switching into your own authentic feminine in partnership (when you’re running a business)
+ What happens when you value your business above love
+ Getting out of the constant initiator role as a powerful woman
+ How you’re showing up and presenting yourself online so that you’re not threatening Alpha men
+ Not using your success to wow a man you’re interested in
+ The modern world of Dating Apps and how you might be devaluing yourself on Bumble & Hinge
+ How to not talk about your business on a date

Tips + Take Aways

– Don’t bring your coach into the bedroom
– Start collecting evidence of examples of the kind of men you really want!
– A man doesn’t want to be with you because of your success. He wants to be with you because of your energy. 


“Disney didn’t invent the fairy tale love story, it just built an empire on top of it.” 
Theora Moench



Connect with Theora:

WEBSITE |www.theoramoench.com
INSTAGRAM | @trulychosen.ca
FACEBOOK | @theoramoench

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