Episode 087 – Beauty and Brains: How to Lead With Both Online

Episode 087 


In this solo show Chiara gets real about a recent experience she had after sharing a sensual image online and dismantles the paradigm of ‘pretty girl privilege.’ If you’ve ever felt like you had to hide your beauty to make others feel safe, this episode will remind you that it’s time to step up and into the spotlight sister. Because true leadership means leading your tribe by example.

In this episode we’re getting into:


+ Breaking barriers and sharing sensual images online
+ Being present with how your shares make you feel
+ When ‘high level men’ call you out
+ Showing up online to show the world how you love yourself
+ Reclaiming your sensuality + independence
+ Pretty girl privilege
+ The reality of winning the DNA roulette
+ When you hide because of your beauty
+ Being all the faces of the feminine! Smart, brilliant, sexy, intelligent, creative, sensual, seductresses, lovers, and mothers.


A BOLD invitation to go deeper:


Journal it out: How have you been hiding your beauty?


It’s okay to use your lady magic to get out of a ticket. Like go girl! It’s okay to flirt. It’s okay to play.Chiara Mazzucco


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