Episode 089 – It’s Not Their Fault: How Radical Ownership Will Change Your Life

Episode 089 


In this solo show Chiara opens up about being radically honest with ourselves and opting out of being a slave to circumstance. Recorded on her phone during the witching hour in LA, this episode dives deeper into the both / and convo of living the Bi-Coastal dream, and what it actually takes to make it happen.

In this episode we’re getting into:


Trusting the intuitive hits about switching up your content

+ Realizing when you’re giving your power away

+ The Bi-Coastal Dream

+ Playing with the numbers to see how you can actually make something happen

+ The sometimes very expensive lessons we have to learn

+ Making a massive investment in a program, then realizing it’s not for you

+ Improving your offers and on-boarding process

+ No longer being a slave to circumstances

+ Realizing where we actually get activated

+ When the challenges are just in your head

+ Learning to see things for what they actually are


A BOLD invitation to go deeper: 


Journal it out: Explore your own ‘both / and’ situation. What if you could have both? Play with the numbers and see how you could make it work!


“No matter what. You take 100% ownership over your results.”Chiara Mazzucco


What’s coming up:

Bold Leap Live – Nashville March 27 – 29 (Get tickets HERE)

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