Episode 091 – Taking on the Entrepreneurial Identity and Announcing My New Mastermind!

Episode 091 

In this solo show Chiara gets real about being an entrepreneur and stretching into the next level version of yourself. Her background in the Hollywood service industry, and when soul simply says ‘Nope.’ Tune in to hear about the realities of living the laptop lifestyle and the 5 nonnegotiable qualities of an Entrepreneurial Identity.


In this episode we’re getting into:


+ Taking a break from Social Media

+ Just starting!

+ Going from being a blogger to total CEO

+ Acting ‘As If’

+ When soul simply says ‘Nope.’

+ The reality of the laptop lifestyle 

+ The difference between an entrepreneur and being in a supportive role


The Qualities of an Entrepreneurial Identity

Quality #1 – Resilience 

Quality #2 – Resourcefulness

Quality #3 – Taking Risks

Quality #4 – Investing in Growth

Quality #5 – Surrounding yourself with your Tribe


A BOLD invitation to go deeper: 


Journal it out: Do I identify as an entrepreneur? 


“Levelling up in your business will require levelling up in your personal life.”Chiara Mazzucco


What’s coming up:


Inner Circle Mastermind – Apply HERE
Bold Leap Live – Nashville March 27 – 29 (Get tickets HERE)

Hear It Here:


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