Episode 092 – Ethics and Where the Coaching Industry is Going with Abigail Rose

Episode 92


In this episode Chiara chats with Clarity Coach and Host of the Hearts Unleashed podcast, Abigail Rose. This convo dives into the realm of shadow work, the difference between coaching and therapy, and the value of getting offline. Tune in to hear Abigail’s radically honest thoughts about the coaching world and down to earth advice for hiring the one who’s actually aligned with where you’re going.


In this episode we’re getting into:


+ Getting offline to get clarity

+ Being a rebel and going against the grain

+ Shadow Work

+ Therapy vs. Coaching

+ The ethics on coaches trying to handling client trauma

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Tips + Take Aways

+ How to hire a coach? Choose someone who’s further down the path that you want to be on.


“Your triggers and your weakness aren’t all of you.” Abigail Rose



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