Episode 094 – A Life of Your Own – Stop Living For Everyone Else

Episode 094 

In this solo show Chiara opens up about the realities of losing yourself when living for others, the magic of rediscovering what lights you up after a break up, finding peace within the chaos, and the celebrity death that forced us all to reflect over the kind of life we want to be living. This episode will leave you asking yourself, who am I really?


In this episode we’re getting into:


+ Making Decelerations

+ When the universe delivers something that looks a little different then what we were expecting

+ Focusing on just putting one foot in front of the other

+ Leading by example

+ When being selfish actually makes you better to the people around you

+ Losing your identity as a wife and mom

+ Shifting from ‘being in service’ to ‘being in magic’

+ Being who you are independent of your kids, partners, and clients


A BOLD invitation to go deeper: 


Journal it out: Who actually are you? What’s fun for you?


“A life lived for someone else…there’s no point to it”Chiara Mazzucco


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