Episode 095 – Soul Upheavals and Brand Positioning with Zlata Sushchik

Episode 95


In this episode Chiara talks to serial entrepreneur, brand strategist and visionary does, Zlata Sushchik who’s on a mission to demonstrate the future one iteration at a time to shape a better world for all.

In her previous career as an award – winning fitness competitor, Zlata monetized and leveraged her personal brand to build a 7- figure business, launched a top – ranked podcast with 5.2M downloads, published a best – selling book and shared stages with the top experts in the field.

Zlata partners with entrepreneurs to create brand growth strategies and create unique authentic elevated brand content. Her method helps her clients gain trust, respect and credibility in their industry, establish themselves as experts and share their message with confidence.

Zlata has shared her mission on the stages of Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Startup Weekend, Hera Angels, Women Network of San Diego, The University of California San Diego, The University of Anchorage Alaska, and APU. Her work has been featured in Forbes and The Huffington Post.


In this episode we’re getting into:


+ Being lead into business 

+ Doing it because it’s fun

+ Subconsciously sabotaging work that isn’t fun

+ Not having ‘an elevator pitch’

+ Stylizing your photoshoots for super clear branding

+ Your differentiating style & brand factors

Tips + Take Aways to Pre-Stack your Content

+ Dress up. Get pretty.

+ Grab your girl friend and go take some pictures with clothes you already have in your closet.

+ Consciously go take some photos that are ‘you’ 


“The only time something works is when it is fun.” Zlata Sushchik



Connect with Zlata:

WEBSITE | zlatassx.com
INSTAGRAM | @zlatassx
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