How I Manifest: Manifestation, Deliberate Creation and Soul Focus

Here to get your manifestation on? Last week, I manifested $30,000 in sales after spending the night at the Four Seasons and doing my manifestation rituals. And this isn’t the first time I’ve called in big numbers either. A few months ago, I manifested about $40k in sales in a little over a weekend.

Before we get into it, I know these numbers may feel intense – and obviously they don’t come out of nowhere. Keep in mind: I run a multiple 6 figure business and I have offers (read: opportunity portals) that allow for these sales to come in.

So this isn’t just witchy stuff; this is a combination of magic and aligned action.

(This is going to be a big part of the process I’m going to share with you, by the way)… 

I’m not worried about this not making sense to you though, because most of you in the Bold Self Tribe are entrepreneurs, which means you have opted to live in a world where you can freely CREATE all the money you need. Mix that in with this manifestation magic and boom, you’ve got a winning combo.

So happy you’re here.

Something I want to make clear: I’m no manifestation guru – There are some great ones out there. Everything I do and teach and share is based on my own experiences. You can take what serves you and leave the rest, but here’s what I do to manifest my dreams.

How I Manifest: Abundance

Although this process can be used for love, happiness, health, friendship, whatever… I’m going to reference all things wealth-related abundance because that’s what I was doing at the 5 star hotel 🙂 If this post (and podcast episode)do all the things for you, I’ll make this a series.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

This is how I experience Manifestation: The raising of your thoughts and your feelings to the same level (high vibes) and the ability to keep them there with the clear intention to manifest the thing you’re calling in.


How I Manifest Podcast Episode

Manifestation Worksheet

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So, this is what I do whenever I am manifesting my next level of abundance. If you want to go deeper, clear old-beliefs, learn about my specific daily journal prompts and get the exact steps to my personal rituals, you’ll want into the Bold Wealth Manifestation Course because that is wayyyy too much to cover in a blog post!

Manifestation Pre-Work

Clearing old-beliefs: I make this pre-work because I don’t do this every single time; I don’t always need to because I’m constantly doing this work. However, if you feel like you’ve got some energetic yuck stuck, you’re going to want to shift that first. It has no business in your manifestation magic.

Do this through journaling around what those negative beliefs are, dismantling them, and reframing them into positive ones. I included a couple journal prompts in the Cheatsheet for you. 

Step 1: Get into the Right Vibes

The first thing I do is ensure I immerse myself in abundance. This current version of me felt ultra luxurious at the Four Seasons. It wasn’t a financial stretch, by any means, it’s just not something I treat myself to often, so being there made me feel super luxury vibes – perfect setting for deliberate creation. 

A year ago, however, staying at the Four Seasons, even for just one night, would have felt impossible. But you should know: you have access to abundance no matter your financial situation.

I was broke and…

I was taking bubble baths.

Spending time in nature.

Pampering myself at home.

Test driving my dream car (which I now own, btw).

Sitting in the lobbies of fancy hotels or just visiting the grounds.

Going to museums (for some reason, this always made me feel luxury haha)

All of this to say: abundance is available to us at every level, and we’re all different, and it doesn’t matter as long as it feels abundant to us.

Step 2: Get clear and set the intention

Next thing I do is get really clear on what I’m manifesting. Meditation and visualizations help solidify the intention. This can be whatever for me. Sometimes I’ll do an exact amount, other times I just ask support for the things I want and I let the Universe do its thang. The point here is to get your thoughts clear and focused.

For example, the night I booked at the Four Seasons was to manifest support for a big investment I wanted to make for my business. I needed to manifest the cashflow for it, so my intention was specifically around that. (The $30k in sales that presented itself to me in the following 48 hours did just that, of course.)

Step 3: Journal Rampage

Once I’m clear on what I’m manifesting, I head to my journal and I write as if the thing has actualized. This makes me feel all the good feels.

“It feels so good to hit 6 figure months in my business all the time! I never look at my account when I go out to eat, I always fly first class, and omg the seats are so fabulous and comfortable and I

love how I sleep the whole flight and arrive rested, and it’s so fun to get upgrades and..” etc, etc.

Step 4: Set reminders

At this point, I’m feeling all the great feelings. What follows is the commitment to keeping everything nice and high vibe. I love setting hourly reminders on my phone. “Omg, how exciting! You’re hitting 6 figures this month!!” and posting post-it notes all over my house.

It helps redirect focus and bring the feels up to where they should be throughout the day, just in cast random shit tries to mess with my magical juju.

Step 5: Continue to stay in the high vibes

This step is all about getting the thoughts and the feelings to stay high vibe, together (and your commitment to that)/ Meaning, this isn’t something you do and then ignore and go back to your yuck energy fest.

Journaling becomes a daily practice. (Powerful prompts in the Bold Manifestation Course)

Get excited.

Talk about your upcoming reality with absolute certainty.

Include a gratitude practice around everything that’s on its way to you.

Be open to it showing up in its own way, but make sure you have opportunity portals open (i.e. products, service offerings if you’re an entrepreneur)

Manifestation, Deliberate Creation, and Soul Focus

[Tweet “I believe Magic is just science we don’t understand yet.”]

I can’t explain why this process works, although the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza might. What I do know is there is something to be said about your soul’s focus.

When you focus every morning and every night on the deliberate creation of a certain reality, I believe it’s the soul’s focus that adds the magic spark.

It’s not hustle. It’s not you busting your ass for something, and it’s not just you wishing for something to present itself.

It is both, it is everything, it is all the things.

There is a deep, next level, almost cosmic, commitment to the deliberate creation to a dream-come true reality.

And I believe that is the magic behind it.

Whether I see you in the full manifestation course or not, know this: Your manifestation outcome will be a direct result of how much fun you have throughout this process.

So, enjoy it!


How I Manifest Podcast Episode

Manifestation Worksheet

Bold Wealth Manifestation Course (Goes on sale: 11/19/2018)


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