How to Make Money Teaching Others What You Already Know

Let’s have an honest conversation. Are you feeling unfulfilled at work? Maxed out, working from sunrise to sundown, only to feel like your life is being wasted on someone else’s dream? Do you feel you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and that you’re meant for something wayyy more aligned with your life’s purpose? Have you felt that soulful, gut-wrenching  pull toward using your life experience to help others? What about your professional expertise? Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could leverage what you know and make money doing it?

I’m going to tell you a secret that is going to blow your mind. Ready for this?

There are people doing this all over the world, and you already have the knowledge and experience you need to make money teaching others.

Whether you’re looking to start a side hustle or quit your job and travel the world, your experience is a walking, talking solution to someone else’s problems — and by definition, that is exactly what a successful service or product does: it solves a problem.

So if you could replace your current income with doing something you know and love, living life on your own terms, would you do it?

If your answer is yes, here’s how.

First, Choose what you know

This can be from personal experience or professional expertise. Whether you’ve lived 20, 40, or even 60 years, there are things you already know, and whether it’s personal or specific to your career field, you could leverage what you know to teach others to do the same.

Professionally, can you take what you know and become a consultant?

What about personally? What crazy personal transformation have you undergone? Have you survived a struggle? Healed your wounds? Reinvented your life?

Don’t ignore your personal triumphs. There are people out there living the same struggle you lived through who may benefit from your support and guidance, and be happy to pay for it, too.

I’ll give you an example of me doing both.

My first blog focused on how to heal and get over toxic relationships. I was recovering from two abusive relationships, and my blog was a way to help women who were just a couple steps behind me on their journey of healing. I used my personal experience to help others through similar experiences. I published a book, and to this day, I coach women on the exact steps I took to reinvent and empower myself from the inside out. I give women tools to overcome fear, self-doubt, and low self-esteem so they can live courageously and create the life they’ve always dreamed of. The way I have.

I also use my professional expertise in my coaching and biz consulting. I’ve owned 3 successful online brands, including an online magazine that reached over 500,000 monthly uniques and 1 million monthly views , and evolved into a print magazine that was sold in stores next to Cosmo and Vanity Fair all over the country and more. My corporate background is in digital marketing, branding, and web design. I combine the two and use my professional expertise to consult for startups and coach people on starting their own blog and coaching businesses.
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So, what do you know? 

What life experience do you have that could help someone else get through theirs?

What have you invested years and money into learning that you can help teach others to save them time and research?

If people learn that you’ve accomplished what they want to accomplish, they will pay you to help them accomplish the same.

Use a Platform

Cool, so you know your what. The next step is figuring out how you’re going to reach these people and how you’re going to show them that you know what you know and can help them do the same.

No matter what you’re helping people with, there needs to be a place for you to share what you know.

This is where I suggest starting a blog. Here’s why:

  • A blog is a way for you to start building credibility. It basically says, Hey, let me show you what I know and why you should trust me.
  • A blog is a way to attract the exact type of person that will hire you. If done right, you can build a blog that will showcase your expertise and speak directly to the person in need.
  • You own your blog. A lot of people want to skip building a blog, so they build their online presence on social media. Wrong. You don’t own your YouTube channel or your Facebook group. Without a home base (and an email list), all the work you do in building a following could go poof, poof.

You need a place to gather the people you’re going to teach. Remember, they’re looking for someone to learn from.

Get Paid for it

So you know what you’re teaching and helping people with, and you know how you’re going to reach them. The next step is obviously getting paid to do it.
This is a little more in-depth of a step that would obviously require more than a 1000 word article, but it can be summarized into the following questions:

  • What results will you help your clients get?
  • What levels of support will you offer?
  • How will you deliver that support?

This is the step I encourage you to have the most fun with because it’s an opportunity to build the life of your dreams. How much money do you want to make?

What is the value you’d be bringing to someone’s life? What’s that worth to them?

How many hours do you want to work? If you could dream the perfect day, what would that look like?
(Psst, but seriously — if you’re ready to get your coaching and consulting biz up and running, shoot me an email and let’s talk because 9/18 my Side Hustle group program starts.)

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Never A Better Time for Opportunity

Seriously, you guys.
Isn’t it wild?
Everything you need is here, at your finger tips. Never has it been so easy to take ownership of your life and purpose  – to take the reigns on your income and the way you CHOOSE to spend the hours in your day.
Never has it been so easy to reach the people who most need YOU and your skills and your expertise.
This is a wonderful world, and the opportunities are truly endless, my friend.
So, you ready to get your side hustle on (that could potentially even replace your current 9 to 5 because hey, that’s a thing, and lots of people do it)?
What is something you know that people could pay you to teach them?


Got it!
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