Learn to Run With Your Monsters

There are monsters inside all of us. Some big and scary, others wild and fearless. These monsters are our stories, our pasts, our nightmares, and our fears. They reside deep in our hearts, jumping up when we least expect them, or worse, when we’re at our most vulnerable.

These are the unresolved. The doubts. The flawed. The regrets. The failures. Forever embedded in our foundation; loyal as the stars are to the night’s sky. Our monsters.

Just as valuable to our existence as our victories. As love. As triumph. As laughter. And as happiness.

Our monsters are part of our whole.

Monsters Will Run

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that in order for you to grow and find light in the darkest corners of your life, you have to accept the darkness.

You have to reach out, feel for your surroundings, and face the fear of having to rely on all your other senses in order to make it out. You have to accept the failure. You have to feed the rejection, or the heartbreak, or the disappointment, down into your core. You have to be brave, as you allow yourself to feel the pain.

In other words, you have to confront your monsters.

The truth is, monsters live in you and parallel to you. Running away from them will never get you where you want to go. Because, you see, your monsters are always headed toward your dreams. They’re running toward a happy relationship. Self-love and self-respect. They’re leaping toward that career you’ve always wanted. Hell, they’re running toward that mirror faster than you could ever imagine.

But when you run away from your monsters, you go the other direction. You leave them a clear path headed right toward everything you’ve ever wanted. And make no mistake, they’ll get there. They’ll show up right when you meet someone wonderful. When an opportunity to interview for your favorite job comes up. Right around June, when it’s time to wear a bikini in public, there they will be. Loyal as the stars.

Run with your monsters, never away from them.

Face them

Our stories are intricate moments in time, poetically woven into our futures. There is no changing the past; what you’ve lived through happened, and your experiences are part of who you are.

Face them. Face your memories. Face the pain. Face the consequences and the roles they’ve played in your life. Face the fears and the doubts and the limiting beliefs you’ve created around them.

Give them names. When you label them, you disempower them. You no longer rely on their manifestations to identify them. You know they’re there and by acknowledging their existence, you can then learn how to defeat them.

Reframe them

Your monsters live and grow according to an environment you set for them, and in the middle of the stampede, when everyone is running and chaos is flooding your mind, you tend to forget that you, and you alone, can control them.

Change the way you look at them.

Your heart may have been broken, but you allowed yourself to love – and that is growth. You may have failed, but that implies you tried something new – and that is bravery. You may feel uncomfortable on the beach in a bikini – but you’re there, you’re alive, the sun is shining and feeding your soul, and that is something to be grateful for.

So in order to reframe your monsters, you must change your inner dialogue. You must change the way you see them. As hard as it may seem, you have to look at each monster for the lessons you learned along the way. You have to color them with hope and pride. 

And most importantly, you reframe them with purpose; you reframe them with the understanding that nothing is permanent, change is possible, and everything can improve.

But run, run free

Running with your monsters is about facing the darkness and embracing your past as being part of your story. It’s about learning to pull strength from all the deepest, darkest corners of yourself.

It’s about dancing barefoot with your imperfections and running, with all that you are, baggage and all, right down the path headed toward your dreams.

Run with your monsters. You deserve to run wild.



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