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There’s no crazy detailed sales page for this mastermind. Why? Because by the time you get to the bottom of this page, if working together feels like a hell yes in your body – you will know it; and I won’t have to sell you on it. That’s how genuinely thrilled I am about this new program. 

This is a business mastermind, with a very important twist.

In 2017, my business did $112k in it’s first 6 months.
In 2018, I tripled my revenue to $350k. 
In 2019, Bold Self, LLC did about $500k. 

How did I do that? How was I able to collapse time and make this happen? A variety of factors, went into the mix, of course.

But at it’s core, there were 5 massive upgrades I made in my life.

This brand new mastermind is centered around those upgrades.


Growing a business from 6 figures to multiple 6 figures means healing your relationship with money. It also means educating yourself on how to make, grow, and manage it. One of the biggest lessons in my upleveling was that of managing cashflow. In this mastermind, you will learn how to fall in love with money, make it, manage it, and grow it, all from a place of love and abundance. 


A 6 figure business runs differently than a multi 6 figure business. What worked for you then won’t work for you now. Adding systems and hiring the right team to support you will be instrumental in your growth. In this mastermind, you will learn to grow your audience, master sales, hire team, automate systems and much, much more. We’ll be stacking a full library of step-by-step trainings and tutorials for you and your business needs.

Wealth and business are the core principles for this mastermind, but there are 3 other upgrades I made that directly contributed to the growth of my business. 


The CEO running a multi 6 figure empire is taking damn good care of herself so she can show up and lead from a place of power and confidence. The glow up portion of this mastermind is focused on your well being and your peak performance. Upgrading the way you feel will have a direct impact on the way you earn. 


It’s easy to encounter burn out on your way to multiple 6 figures, which is why making time for growth oriented experiences and adventures with epic women who get you will be absolutely crucial in your growth. This tweak single handedly increased my revenue by way of reminding me that building an empire should be fucking FUN, and in this mastermind, it will do the same for you.  


And finally, scaling from 6 figures to multiple 6 figures felt easier than ever once I learned to tune into my magnetism and charm. Working on your attraction magnetism will help amplify the things that make you, you, helping you grow your audience faster and filling it with your people, ready to pay you to have your magic in their lives. 

That’s it. 

Do not make the mistake of going at it alone… 

I’ve created a place for you to shine – where you get to do this YOUR WAY. With ease, grace, fun, and a sisterhood of women ready to embark on this journey with you who aren’t afraid to dream and play big. 

Because that’s really what I needed in growing my business: an environment meant to challenge me AND feel like home. A place I could learn and get access to the tools I needed AND a place where I had permission to shine… 

It’s time for you to get BOLD, WILD, and RICH. 

To experience WHY you’re busting your ass off to create such an epic empire. 

Join a mastermind where we collapse time, go as big as we want, and don’t play by anyone else’s rules. 

Your life is calling. 



 This high level mastermind is a 5 figure investment, so this invitation is only for you if you’re already making money in your business. If you’re not yet fully sustained by your business, consider applying for Bold Leap Academy to help get you to the 6 figure mark. It’s an incredible program and yields incredible results for coaches not yet making a consistent $5k/mo.

 There is no struggle energy at this level. The women in this mastermind are committed to $15k-$30k months and the container is filled with positivity, fire, and high vibe abundance.

If this is you, read on. 


Here's what's included in the inner circle membership


Every month, we’ll be welcoming experts to do live and recorded trainings on specific topics related to your wealth, your business, and all other areas self-improvement. Access to a variety of powerful experts in each field will help you skyrocket your results. 


Once about every quarter, you will attend what I call a complete WEEKEND REBOOT. Healing, learning, growing, all led by me and other experts. You will leave completely renewed and ready to take on the world. By far my favorite part of this mastermind. Stay included!


YES! While a member of the Inner Circle, you gain immediate access to all past courses as well as any courses launched during your membership. This is an entire library of additional trainings, workbooks, and scripts, all at your fingertips! 


Group Zoom calls will be held every other week for a chance to connect, get laser coaching, and drop in with the status of your goals. These are extremely powerful opportunities to get hands on support in your business. 


Once a quarter, highly customized 1:1 session where we go under the hood of your business and make the necessary tweaks and upgrades to get you to your goals faster. This is valuable, dedicated time to you! 


Get exclusive behind the scenes access to how I scale my business. What works, what doesn’t, plus shortcuts to learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them. Also gain access to my network. I regularly hook my mastermind clients up with results-driven experts I vouch for so you don’t waste time looking!


This is a members only community on Facebook where I will be going LIVE and members can exchange valuable resources, connect on events, collaborate, and just hang out to bond. 


Automatically get upgraded to VIP at all Bold Leap Live events and larger conferences while a member of the inner circle. This means special networking parties, front of house seating and other VIP perks. Also get discounted investment options for smaller, higher end experiences like group VIP days!


This mastermind is the highest level opportunity to work with me. Have access to me, M-F, and have me to keep in your back pocket as you grow. I very rarely take on private clients, and when I do, it’s at 10x this investment. 



Master the art of empowering your dream clients to say yes to their transformation through working with you. 


8 Module step-by-step process to powerful reinvention to help you reach your goals faster and step into the next level you.

BLAZE – $997

Revisit the fundamentals to starting a deeply aligned business built around your unique gifts and soul calling.


5 Modules to creating, marketing, and selling an irresistible high value offer – course only, group program not included. 


Co-taught by me and Caitlyn Pasternak, a deep dive into organic content creation that helped us both build multi 6 figure businesses without paid ads.


A 4 Module course to help you stop feeling shitty, and start feeling awesome. 30 day printable boost-kit included. Still one of my favorites to date!

And many more courses in the works this year! 



(*Limited spots available*)

I’m not like everyone, and I don’t expect anyone to be like me either. However, I’m the type of person who will go ALL IN on an investment because it means I’m going ALL IN on myself. This energy is what led me to my first investment being $40k, and resulted in me 10x that in sales in my first 12 months. The bigger you play, the bigger your results.

I opened a very small number of spots for the women truly on fire, who want to grow QUICKLY. 

As a Platinum VIP member of the Inner Circle, you will get ALL OF THE ABOVE… PLUS: 

  • 6 Additional private 1:1 calls to use when you need them
  • Upgraded LUXE stay at our in-person events 
  • BONUS Workshop Implementation Day at in-person events
  • M-F Private Voxer Access to me
  • Become a preferred partner (meaning, if people come to me looking for a specific kind of coach/expert, I refer them to you!)





There is a deposit of $3333 due upon signing that will take care of the first month, for both tiers.

The Inner Circle is a 12 month program that you can pay month-to-month. If you pay for the full year upfront, you have the opportunity to save a bunch and focus your time on growing your business. 

And while I truly believe that going all in to making this the best year of your life is a GREAT way to reach your goals, I also do not believe in cages and holding people hostage. 

Therefore, there is a minimum of a 3 month commitment for this 12 month program, and then as long as you give 30 day notice, you are free to leave anytime. 

It’s important you at least give yourself the opportunity to go ALL IN and commit to at least 3 months to see results. If you’re not ready to at least give yourself that, this mastermind is not for you. 

I am happy to personally answer any questions you may have. You can email me directly at [email protected] before filling out an application to interview. 

This container IS high level and requires you to apply to be considered. The program begins the first week of February. 

There are also no refunds as you’ll immediately gain access to a library of courses worth over $7k.

APPLY TO JOIN the mastermind in 2020

I am THRILLED to know that this spoke to you, sparked your soul to life, and that you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Step 1: Fill out the application below. This is an application to interview so that we can feel out if you’re a right fit for the program. It does not guarantee a spot. 

Step 2: A member of our team will be in touch to schedule an interview with Chiara if we feel Chiara’s Inner Circle is the program that will help you thrive this year. If you don’t hear anything back, please make sure to check your spam folder as you’ll find an invitation to re-apply when the program is a better fit! You can also email our team, [email protected], with any questions or to check in on the status of your application. Should we decide you’re a right fit for this mastermind, you will have 48 hours to submit your deposit or you will lose your place. 

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