Bold is a


Be brave enough to live a life of purpose,
abundance, love, and rebel-like confidence.

HI, I'M Chiara

I believe a woman who is empowered to step into the biggest, brightest, and boldest version of herself is completely unstoppable. She can let her gifts guide her into prosperity and abundance; her heart into the arms of a partner truly worthy of her love; and she can learn to proudly stand in her power with the unshakeable confidence she knows, deep down, exists.

Much like yours, my story is a bit of a whirlwind. Abused and bullied as a teenager, hitting financial rock bottom to the point of having my power turned off in the middle of winter, and divorced and a single parent, all before the age of 30.

All of which I’ve also healed, triumphed, and conquered on my own through resilience, self-reliance, and living in the biggest, boldest expression of myself.

This is the source of my knowing that our personal power is the single most strongest foundation in our life and the magical activation to our wildest dreams.



The Bold Standard, hosted by rebel entrepreneur Chiara Mazzucco, is a podcast focused on turning high achieving women into happy, wealthy, and impact-driven POWERHOUSE. You will learn to harness your inner power and gain the confidence and the strategies you need to raise the bar within your self, your business, and your love life, because I believe that as women, we deserve to rock all three. This is the new standard. The BOLD standard.


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Bold Leap

Elevate Inner Circle

12 month mastermind for high achieving women who want to raise the bar in how they do life, wealth, and love. Focus is on living a Bold Life: amplify abundance, spiritual connection, self-confidence, well-being, and soul-aligned purpose. Includes 2 retreats.

Bold Online

What She Said

I have grown so much
because of her.

“Chiara is seriously a badass mother of confidence, and had confidence in me even when I didn’t have it in myself. I felt safe to be honest with her and myself and received amazing coaching because of it. I have grown so much because of her.”

– Lucy C,
Adventure Self Love Coach

She helped me dig down deep, face my fears, and find my inner badass.

“Working with her was the best decision I ever made. She helped me dig down deep, face my fears, and find my inner badass. I can’t thank her enough for the tools she equipped me with and the self confidence she helped me find.”

– Lindsay G.,
Empowerment Coach for Moms

It really is beyond magical and extraordinary.

“Chiara can get right inside your head and completely bring to life all of the dreams and aspirations you’ve longed for, but never knew how to go about doing or saying. It really is beyond magical and extraordinary.”

– Nicole P.,
Sacred Sexuality Coach