RevampLIVE Sisterhood – Fall 2017 Recap (+Pics!)

In November 2017, a group of 15 ambitious, courageous women came together from all over the US (and Germany, even!) to partake in the magic of building their businesses from a place of abundance and authenticity… all in an awesome, empowering circle of sisterhood.

This is the magic I am so proud to have created a space for.

“I was blown away by the effect of the entire RevampLIVE. There is simply no way to replicate the high vibrations and environment of being in the presence of so many conscious, courageous, and compassionate souls.  Over the three days, I had such an internal shift that I felt like a completely different person walking away.  The inner transformation was so profound that I discovered an inner drive I never knew was possible.”

 – Lucy C.

What is Revamp:Biz?

My Revamp Bootcamps are transformational 6 week group programs that will help you change your life.

There are 3 parts to the Bold Self brand mission to help women take complete ownership over their lives: Badass Confidence + Self-Love, Soul Aligned Entrepreneurship, and Radically

Nourishing Romantic Relationships.

Revamp: Biz is a 6 week program for high achieving women to help you transition out of your soul-crushing 9 to 5, and into soul-aligned entrepreneurship. It’s for new coaches, bloggers, and online superstars who want to make an impact and want to be able to do it full time.

At the end of the 6 week program, there’s a 3 day live event when the group comes together for a full, life-changing sisterhood immersion.

This is what went down for RevampLIVE in November.

Lifelong Friendships

 “I have never been surrounded by a stronger, more passionate group of women.”

-Ashlee F.

“The community of women we get to work with and having a retreat at the end to truly cement these relationships into stone – ones that will be with us for many years to come… Knowing I have a support system with women who have the exact same fears as I do is pretty badass!”

– Michelle O.

RevampLIVE: Biz – Breakdown

The 3 day live event is broken down into the following themes:

Day 1: Personal Development – Rebel Mindset, Elevated Lifestyle, and Radical Self-Love

This day is dedicated to bonding, purging fear, and stepping into your personal power and into alignment with your mission and soul’s calling. Music, magic, and complete self-mastery while bonding with the girls.

Day 2: Business Development – Authentic Business magic, Revenue Strategy and Sales

Day 2 is all about brand development, strategies for your business, and how to rock sales in the most authentic way. We get clear on your brand messaging and how to best serve your ideal client.

“After Revamp, I have rediscovered the importance of dropping in with your inner wisdom, owning your personal power and being able to confidently step forward in faith knowing that I am fully supported. I have overcome fear and been able to walk courageously, knowing that I can access all the abundance I desire, but I have to LEVEL-UP and work for it (smarter, not harder).”

– Bri C.

Day 3: Laser Focused Strategy – We Work On Your Individual Business to Skyrocket Your $

Day 3  is all about you. Want to make $15k with your program launch? We’ll map out the strategies to get you there specific to your needs – and we do this as a group, with you in a hot-seat.

In the mornings and evenings we have optional activities like yoga, singing, sound healing, and other workshops.

And throughout the day and in between sessions, we have body work available to help you relax and integrate the magic of the event.

This is literally my dream come true and I am so proud of what I’ve created.

*How in one night we all suddenly became awesome singers and we sang and danced to our favorite songs with blankets on the floor and the sound of the waves crashing*

Want to join the Next session of Revamp:Biz?

This group program is by application only. Revamp:Biz is closed until Fall 2018. Take the free 5 Day Soul-Aligned Business Training while you wait! 12 spots only per session, payment plans available. This 6 week group program is $5k.

“Being part of a group made SOOOO much more of an impact than I ever thought possible! I couldn’t believe how much more insight it gave me! Regardless of how different our businesses and services were, I gained SO much perspective in so many areas that applied to my business, it really just floored me at how much value came from that alone!  And that doesn’t even include the truly life-changing and eye-opening impact of the Live Retreat, RevampLIVE!

I would recommend this more than anything for wanting to start a business in what you’re passionate about!  I’ve been around life coaches and other successful entrepreneurs for quite some time, but this level, this caliber of thinking, associating, connection, and empowerment is beyond anything out there. Chiara has a true miraculous gift for this, like I’ve NEVER seen before. It’s like she can get right inside your head and completely bring to life all of the dreams and aspirations you’ve longed for, but never knew how to go about doing or saying. It really is beyond magical and extraordinary.”

-Nicole P.


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