Purpose Abundance




Love fit
for a Queen.

I believe that within

all of us lives a fire.

A source oF


A guiding force.

It fuels us to bet on ourselves.
To set the standard for how we live.
It gives us the courage to pursue our dreams.
It urges us toward freedom.
To be the fullest expression of ourselves.

The core of my life’s work is to bring this to life in every woman who is
activated by what I create.

I stand for the woman’s higher calling to lead and change lives.
For her birthright to wealth and abundance, and all the freedom that she craves.
For her power to stand on her own and be everything she needs.
For finding a partner worthy of her love who will treat her like the Queen that she is.

This is the BOLD revolution.
And for those who are called to it,
that inner fire is the key to making
our dreams come true.

Hi, I'm Chiara

I’m a business, empowerment, and lifestyle coach for female entrepreneurs, and my mission is to ignite your inner fire and support you in building the life of your dreams.

Like yours, my story is a bit of a whirlwind, and yet, of course, it all makes absolute sense.

I felt like my power had been taken from me at the age of 16 when I was raped by a boyfriend and then emotionally abused by another. I had been stripped of everything I knew myself to be physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally, and so began my journey with reinvention and personal empowerment.

For about 6 months, I walked around an empty shell, not knowing who I was.

Until one day, when maybe I had had just enough of feeling like I had no say in who I was to become, I was invited to turn inward and find that fire within.

So I decided to reinvent myself from the ground up.
I grabbed a pen and paper, and what started out as a superficial list of how I would dress and how I would talk, quickly turned into a redefinition of my identity.

Confident. Strong. Certain.
A badass.
A smart, badass.

And so this is how The Leather Jacket Method was born.

Stepping Into MY

Soul’s Calling

Life’s Work

My journey with entrepreneurship began when I was in my early 20s. I started a blog about dating and relationships that, honestly, I mostly built to heal from my toxic past.

Little did I know that this blog would gain traction and that soon, I would start receiving hundreds of emails a month, asking for doses of my empowerment.

I had officially been introduced to the magic of helping women by sharing my own personal journey, but it wasn’t until I published my first book, The 9 Mirages of Love that I realized I had really found my soul’s calling.

I was committed to helping women find the same strength in themselves that I had built within me to not only survive, but to proactively participate in the creation of my life.

Then in May 2012, I launched a women empowerment magazine online called The Indie Chicks and grew it to a steady 500k-1 million page views a month, and in 2014, we created a print edition for our readers.

That print edition was picked up for national (and then international) distribution, and in 2015 I got to see my mission, my editorial designs, and my vision sit proudly on the stands next to giants like Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair.

This was proof that I could bring anything I envisioned to life.

When we decided to shut the magazine down in 2016, I knew that my life’s work wasn’t coming to an end, but rather, it was evolving with me.

At that time, I was navigating another challenging chapter of my life.
I was a newly single mom, I was suddenly living on the opposite coast with no friend in sight, and I was struggling financially to the point of having my power shut off in the middle of winter.

Shit was bad.

But again, I was invited to turn inward and find that fire within.

I found a business coach I knew I was fully activated by and signed a contract to work with him for $40,000 – no idea how I was going to make it happen. I just knew that I would. I emptied the little I had in my account, bet on that fire, and committed to changing my life.

And heck yes, did my life change. I paid off my debt and made multiple 6 figures my first year as a coach.

But it wasn’t this crazy next level strategy that got me there, it was my decision to bet on myself and to fully leap and go all in to the unknown. I was committed to raising the standard in my life, not just financially, but personally and romantically too.

And that is why




And that is why Bold Self exists.

Because I believe we all have that feeling of knowing it’s time to write a new chapter in our books. For the wild women, I am the person who lights the spark and reignites that fire within.

I will show you how to bring your purpose into the light and see its impact reflected in your bank account. And from that place of financial freedom, what it looks like to build the life of your dreams, piece by piece. And to be honored and cherished by an incredible partner. And what it feels like to walk into a room with your chin held up, with sparkle in your eye. And I’ll show you what a community of empowered sisterhood can do to elevate the way you are supported on this journey.

Because you get to have it, and this gets to be your life.
And it’s all fueled by that fire within.