How to Structure Your Day When You Work From Home


I am so grateful I get to work from home. I can hang out with my cat, take a nap if I need it, go pick up my son if he’s sick without having to deal with boss drama, and I can access my fridge whenever I please.

Having all that freedom is glorious, yes, but it wasn’t until I built a solid work-from-home structure that I realized how little I was actually getting done without one.

So I’m going to share with you how I’ve hacked the system by structuring my day for some rockstar, high achieving woman results.Take what serves you, leave what doesn’t, my friend. But I’m willing to bet something in this article will help improve your productivity working from home.

(I also have a checklist for you to download at the end of zee article)

The Basics of a Successful Structured Day Working From Home

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Intention focused morning routine
  • Task focused time blocks
  • Freedom focused Timed Fck All breaks
  • End of Day Review
  • An a toolkit of other tips and hacks

Note: This is meant to help to structure your day. If you’d like more productivity and big picture planning support, let me know and I’ll put something together for you.

Your Morning Routine

How you start your morning will set the tone for the entire day. I find that in order to have the most successful, productive day, you need two elements to your morning routine: personal growth and intention.

All of these can be done in as little as 10-15 minute blocks.

  1. Start your day with a meditation to center yourself.
  2. Drink warm water with lemon OR a tall glass of cold water to wake your body up
  3. Do visualization and affirmation work.
  4. Move your body, stretch, breathe.
  5. Read either a business focused or a personal power focused book that gets your wheels spinning
  6. Journal with intention
  7. Make yourself a nourishing breakfast

If you’re finding it hard to fit that into an already busy schedule, or you have kids to get ready for school, then wake up an hour earlier. No excuses, my friend. This is important stuff.

Task Focused Time Blocks

Start work two hours after you wake up and after you’ve completed your morning routine. Your first hour should focus on admin stuff. When you sit down at your workstation, take out the daily to-do list you prepped the day before and combine it with any appointments on your iCal by creating time blocks in your day.

For example: Let’s say you have 3 big tasks that need to be done, but you also have a session with a client at 11am and a doctor’s appointment at 3pm. Block those appointment times out, then assign your morning block from 9-11 to the first task, your early afternoon block from 1-3 to your second, and your least important task to your early evening block from 4-6.

This first hour should focus on anything admin related like checking emails, doing easy tasks  like updating a client’s info, or anything that’s an easy win of a cross-off.

The rest of the day should follow the time block schedule.

Freedom Focused “Fck All” Breaks

If you’re anything like me, you have to FORCE yourself to take breaks when you’re in flow, and force yourself to work when you’re not. Such is life, ya know?

I have found a healthy tactic is to kick yourself in the ass to be disciplined, but also give myself permission to take what I call “Fck All” breaks for balance.

A Fck All break is 15-30 minutes of doing whatever the fck you want. You can schedule a few throughout your day to keep you feeling good. It can be playing a game on your phone, going for a walk, having sex, dancing around, whatever.

When I’m feeling more ambitious, I take out a business book and read for half an hour to give my eyes a rest from the screen while still feeling productive.

You should also be setting an alarm for every 45-60 minutes to stand up and move your body, especially on days you find yourself in the zone.

This strategy forces you to have the discipline to do the things on your list, but also keeps you from burning out.

End of Work Day Review

Unless I have a deadline approaching, I like to be consistent with my work hours so I can go be a human being the rest of the day. That being said, this is a lot more rare when you’re starting out as an entrepreneur.

When I first started, I worked 18 hour days, 7 days a week – and not always in the healthiest ways.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, it’s important to not feel like you’re pushing yourself too hard because your work will get sloppy if you’re doing it with one eye open.

So, set a time you’re going to stop and turn off.

When that time comes, look at your to do list and carry on anything that hasn’t been crossed off into the following day’s list. If something is a priority, put a little star next to it.

The following morning when you’re doing your time blocks, make sure to prioritize whatever was important from the day before.

Literally give yourself a pat on the back for not Netflix binging all day.


Download this checklist and then scroll down for another +10 Rockstar Hustler Hacks

Click here to download

10 More *Rockstar* Hustler Hacks

🔥Not every day will be perfect, but if you raise your performance standards and do your best, you will be miles ahead of the less organized version of you.
🔥Always plan for food ahead of time or you’ll find yourself interrupted by hunger induced nausea and you’ll turn into an unproductive crazy. Water, healthy snacks and time blocked meals.
🔥Put your phone on Do Not Disturb for heavy work blocks. I usually keep it on the setting all day, but if that sounds crazy to you, at the very least leave your phone in another room.
🔥Get comfortable, but ALWAYS get dressed for a day worked from home. It’s tempting to roll out of bed and work in our pajamas every day, and while that’s okay SOME days, I have found it to significantly effect my hustle mode.
🔥Include a Growth Focused time block in your day for income growth. It’s super easy to feel burned out when you’re in full work mode. I’ve found that adding a time block focused on growing my business brings me back to life when I need it.
🔥Use the productivity methods that work best for you. I like a combination of my Google calendar, a daily to-do task pad, and a weekly planner like the Passion Planner. For big projects, I use Asana to organize my tasks and big vision lists. Tech may be your thing, or it may be pen and paper, whatever it is, DO THAT.
🔥If social media is part of your work like it is for me, make sure you’re intentional with your time. Block out the newsfeed and set task focused blocks. For example, I’m going to answer messages for 15 minutes or reply to comments or connect with prospective clients and set up calls or participate in groups for 30 minutes, or whatever.
🔥 Get outside. Switch up your home office for the day and go work from a park, or a coffee shop, or a co-working space. Working from home can get loneyyyyy.
🔥Include time for love, laughter, and play EVERY day. Even if it’s just a 5 minute call to your funniest best friend or a Fck All break of watching a video of kittens playing a piano or something. Laugh. Play with your kids. Roll around the bed listening to really bad, yet great, music from the 80s.
🔥End the day with a grateful smile. Review your day every night before bed by listing 3 things you’re grateful for (including your untamable hunger for hustle), send 3 people love who really need it, and tell yourself one special reason you’re amazing TODAY.
What’s worked for you? 


Got it!
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