The Art of Learning to Let Go – A Must For All of Us

Sometimes, in order to gain control in life, you must learn to let go.

This isn’t about letting go of a toxic relationship. It’s not about letting go of sadness, or walking away from a bad job, or saying goodbye to a family pet. This is about learning to let go of anything – and everything – that consumes you.

All the things that keep you up at night and make you question your existence. The things that make you wonder about the person you’ve become and the choices that you’ve made. The toxic obsessions and the things you can’t control.

Anger. Longing. Jealousy. Resentment. Hate. Regret.

Learn to let it all go.

Let go of what you can’t control.

Some things in life are beyond your control. You can’t make someone want you or regret the way they’ve treated you. You can’t simplify an already complicated situation. You can’t go back in the past and undo mistakes you’ve made or take up offers you turned down.

Our sweet little minds believe in themselves so much, they think that by dissecting or overanalyzing something 24/7, they’ll find a solution and magically make everything better.

Let go of what’s not working.

For whatever the reason, we have a problem with attachment. You’ll come up with a 101 reasons to stay in an unhappy relationship, when all you need is 1 to walk away. We justify the idea of hanging in there and pat ourselves on the back for putting up with so much. 


If the puzzle pieces don’t fit, they’re not from the same puzzle. Trying to jam them into each other is not going to change that fact, it’s only going to frustrate you and wear you down.

Justifying not wanting to leave a sad, unfulfilling  job may give you the illusion that you’re getting by, but don’t be fooled, you live with the repercussions everyday.

Still trying to find a way to deal with that awful friend of yours? Why are they still in your life?

What is it about the broken that screams it needs fixing? What is the harm in detaching and clearing your mind for once? Why must we sacrifice so much brain power in trying to revive something long gone, or solve a problem that may not have a solution?

Let go of things, people, and emotions that are holding you back. Let go of toxic obsessions for self-growth and to find your inner peace.

Let go of those obsessions.

It’s no way to live. It’s a wasted day. It’s a wasted life. It’s a wasted opportunity.

I’m talking about the things that keep you up at night. The guy you obsess over so much and think about while you’re on a date with someone else. The girl who is constant topic of conversation for you, even though you claim to not give a shit. The boss who just keeps treating you like shit but dangles a raise in front of you to keep you thinking about work.

The ex who broke your heart months ago and is now seeing someone else. The social media stalking. The gossip. The drama.

All these thoughts. All the things that consume you and drown you and surround you everywhere you go, whatever you’re doing.


You’re missing out on the present and not seeing what’s in front of you, which is what life is really all about.

Let the Universe do its thing.

Just chill.

Your mind is powerful, but only when used for good – and when I say good, I mean for your personal self-development. Your mind isn’t able to change what’s already happened. It can’t suddenly create new information out of thin air. It’s not able to make someone feel things that don’t exist.

The effort to control these things stunts your growth and consumes you and cripples you.

But the Universe, somehow, always finds a way to make the right things happen – you just have to give it room to breathe and work its magic. You find love when you’re not looking. Someone comes to you looking to hire you. Your evil friend suddenly gets relocated across the country for work. Funny how things work out.

Things fall into place, even after the necessary earthquake. But that’s what life is: a series of natural disasters, followed by rainbows and clean air.

It’s nature, and so much of it is beyond our control. You have to trust that beautiful things can happen when you least expect them; that opportunities can appear out of thin air; that when done right, working with the Universe can mean manifesting everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

But in order to do that, you must first find peace within yourself.

The Art of Learning to Let Go and Finding Inner Peace

Learning to let go does not mean giving up responsibility over your life. It doesn’t mean becoming passive and not going after your dreams. Letting go is not about dimming your light, or silencing your passions.

It’s about finding peace and clarity and understanding that not everything in life is meant to work out and in order to make room for the things that are, you must let go of the things that don’t.

It’s respecting the power of your focus and your energy, because when used properly, you have the ability to make your dreams come true and find real happiness.

Learn to let go of toxic obsessions and what you can’t control, because once you do, you’ll introduce yourself to a whole new world filled with peace, happiness, and realized dreams.


Got it!
X myStickymenu