[Video] 3 Reasons Why You’re Broke That Have Nothing to Do With Your Weekly Lattes


Yesterday, I held a workshop for creative entrepreneurs who wanted to build profitable businesses.

But before we even got to strategy, we had to go deep into the reasons they had yet to get their head above water.

“I’m here because I’m broke,” they would say.

And that really, really resonated with me.

I was the good broke girl. 

(I talk about my story of glorifying and identifying with being a broke girl in my post about not being your struggles.  )

Anyway, this is why I was inspired to do a livestream this morning.

And it’s not just for entrepreneurs, btw. This is for you if, for whatever reason, you identify with being broke.

If you struggle to get your head above water every month. If you don’t know where all your money goes between paychecks. If you don’t remember the last time you added avocado.

I recommend you watch the video because I share some really good stuff, including some exercises you can do to help stop being broke.

Broke is a state of mind. 

But if you clicked through to this post to find out the 3 reasons, I’ll summarize them for you here and you can just enjoy the awkward thumbnail FB chose for my video.

Reason #1 you’re broke


You haven’t healed your relationship with money.

We all have something called a financial blueprint. Basically, this is your belief system around money, only that it’s on a super deep level.

On the surface, you may think you know you need money and know you want money, but deep, deep down, if your parents hated money, always called rich people greedy assholes and were always

saying, “we can’t afford that, money doesn’t grow on trees….” it’s going to make it a hell of a lot harder to make it when you have money hate rooted in your belief system.

Reason #2 you’re broke


You glorify and identify yourself as such.

If you’re the broke girl, you will always be the broke girl.

If you build a story around your life that you can’t ever afford shit, that will forever become your reality.

Stories are so, so powerful, and often, we don’t even realize that we’re constructing them. We don’t realize how they run our lives and dictate every decision we end up making.

If you find yourself expressing stories of limiting beliefs, read this. 

Reason #3 You’re Broke

You’re not thinking big picture.

This is where the stupid avocado toast and weekly latte BS comes in.

As if skipping a latte once a week is going to solve your BROKE problem.

First of all, broke is a state of mind.

Secondly, sure, it’ll save you 5 bucks a week, and a couple of hundred bucks a year, but is THAT the thing that’s going to take you from broke to breathing?

Or do you think you might maybe need the caffeine to help you strategize how to get yourself out of this hole?

Here are some ways to start making money right now.

You can watch the full video below (add send me a friend request so we can be friends!) 



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