When You Feel Like You Can’t Do It

I bet you feel like you can’t do it.

Whatever ‘it’ is.

You can’t get over a broken heart because that relationship is all you’ve known. It’s all fresh. It’s what you’re used to. You can’t get up and walk out of a dead end job because, who’s going to pay the bills? You can’t lose weight because you’re stuck somewhere in the middle of hearing “Love yourself as you are,” and “You’re a fat pig” – and how did you gain so much, anyway?

It’s discouraging. It’s terrifying. And the path ahead looks so long.

Because if you could blink and be where you want to be – in romance, success, weight-loss, self-love, whatever – then you’d skip all the work and you’d get it and you’d finally be happy.

And all those people who rant and rave about a happy life being a journey and not a destination are full of shit. And you wish they’d just shut up because, you think, it’s easy for them to talk when they’re standing on all of their accomplishments.

And fuck, change is hard. And it’s scary. And it could mean flipping your entire world upside down, and…

But wait… isn’t that what you want? Isn’t change what you want?

You want your heart to get better and love again- isn’t that the plan? You want those fantasies about your dream career to turn into reality, right? You want to feel good and healthy when you wake up and look in the mirror, don’t you?

You’re scared of change because it would mean getting out of the house. It would mean putting in your two-week notice. It would mean figuring out how to fit a workout into your every day routine and it would mean giving up pizza, and ice cream, and all of the things that make you feel good.

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So here’s why the whole happy journey thing is real…

Because it’s not the end result in your hand that makes you happy; it’s the fact you actually gave a shit about yourself. It’s the fact you decided you were worth more than [fill in the blank] and that it was time to [fill in the blank again].

Yes, the journey ahead seems terrifying, but all  you have to do is just start. Just one step forward is closer than you used to be. And if you’re worried about the instant gratification, don’t worry, you can still get bite sized moments of feel-good progress along the way that will be enough to keep you going.

You’ll laugh again and maybe even accidentally flirt with a stranger. You’ll make your first sale, and although it may have to go toward paying back a loan, you’ll feel good about not needing to reach into your pocket. You’ll wake up easier and realize you made it up the steps without needing to stop.

You’ll realize in those moments that you are, in fact, happy. You are proud. Victorious. That you got up and decided it was time to make a change and you took action.

Demand more from your life and be the type of person who gives a shit about themselves.

Because all those people ranting and raving about happiness being a journey – the ones standing on their accomplishments – know about it firsthand. How do you think they got to where they are today? They took a step forward.



Got it!
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